When it comes to keeping your pipelines clean and clear of debris, dirt, and anything else likely to clog up or slow down your product delivery, it makes sense to head straight for pigging. Pipeline pigging companies have come a long way in the past decade, particularly as pipeline demands are becoming more and more complex! Pigtek is at the forefront of pipe pigging services UK providers can rely on.

But what is it about Pigtek that separates us from the pack? What can a pipeline pig do to help turn your own pipe network around? If you are already looking for intelligent pigging companies and are unsure whether or not it’s the right process for your pipes, allow us to guide you through what makes Pigtek the best choice for pipelines of all shapes, sizes, and complexities.


Pipeline Cleaning - Pigtek pigging companyWe’re Experienced

Pigtek has taken the time over the years to hone and develop some fantastic pipeline cleaning and investigation tools which our clients and customers rely on. We understand that no two pipelines are the same, and this is all the more reason why we want our designers and deployers to keep on their toes at all times.

Pigging expertise is only ever possible through years of experience. We’ve been at the front line of pigging design and deployment for many years now, not only helping British companies and providers, but pipeline users all over the world, too. When it’s just not possible to investigate your pipes from the outside, only a well-designed pig is ever going to do the job for you. Trust us when we say that we’ve learnt how to create and deploy the best pigs for a wide array of purposes.


We Have a Huge Range of Pigs

Pigtek is one of the most popular pigging companies in the UK purely for our range of services. People come to our team not only for our expertise but also for our sheer variety of products and tools. You may wish to clean out your pipeline with a dedicated cleaning pig, for example, or you may even prefer to use something closer to an inspection pig, which will clearly identify if there are any problems further down the line.

We use cutting edge technology and tracking to ensure that we know everything about what’s going on inside your pipelines. It’s not always possible to keep an eye on dirt and debris build-up when you have a long, wide, or complicated pipe network. That’s why we have worked hard over the years to set up a variety of pigging services and options which can be tracked in myriad ways.

Did you know that we can use both magnetic and acoustic equipment to keep track of all the pigs we deploy? If you’re unsure which is right for you, our team will always be on hand to analyse your needs and make a solid recommendation.


Trust Bespoke Design

42"/48" Dual Diameter Pig

Unlike some pipe pigging services UK and elsewhere, Pigtek takes the time to look closely at the bespoke and custom nature of pigging. This means that instead of casting a catch-all device down your pipeline, we will always make sure to carefully measure and design your pigs before we deploy them. Pigging is an immensely delicate procedure. We need to make sure that we have the best design and fit for your pipes, otherwise you are at serious risk of your pigs getting stuck. That, as you might imagine, can cause a completely different set of problems. Why risk it? Make sure to sign up with a team and company who will happily design the best tools for you from a bespoke standpoint.

It’s tempting to save money by going with a catch-all pigging solution. However, we know that this does not work well in practice. We aim to deliver a fantastic value service in all that we do, and that also means we will never sacrifice the quality of our products for the sake of price.


Contact Pigtek Today

If you are looking for pigging companies who can help you get your pipelines clean and clear sooner rather than later, now is the time to reach out for specialist support from Pigtek.

Offering a range of services as well as affordable tariffs, Pigtek is one of the few intelligent pigging companies willing to offer great value alongside bespoke solutions – and professional insight. Take a closer look at what we offer online and do make sure to get in touch with us to learn more.

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