Pigtek Dual Module Pigs use ball joints and universal joints that are designed in-house and have a well proven track record, having been used in thousands of kilometres of various diameter pipelines throughout the world. To ensure safe performance and to provide pipeline operators with peace of mind, our articulated joints have been tested to destruction and the fail points far exceed load expectations for any diameter pipeline.

By using a ball or universal joint assembly, two pigs can be connected together to form a Dual Module Pig or Articulated Pig. This provides more than double the cleaning capability compared to a single module pig and the efficiency can drastically reduce the overall time required to complete a pipeline cleaning programme whilst also ensuring that a higher level of pipeline cleanliness is achieved.

Connecting two different pigs together allows for many combinations of articulated pigs and enables the demands of most pigging operations to be achieved.

Pipeline maintenance operations, such as cleaning, product batching and separation, pipeline proving and pipeline gauging can be performed. In particular, pipeline scale removal and pipeline wax removal can be enhanced through the use of articulated pigs and a higher level of pipeline cleaning can be performed in a single run.

Dual Module Pigs and Articulated Pigs for Wye Pieces, Pipeline Connections and Tight Bends

With more pipelines incorporating wye pieces to tie in new wells and fields, articulated pigs are often necessary to achieve successful transition of the wye piece. A greater sealing length is achieved with an articulated pig and as the front module loses drive when entering the wye piece, the rear module will then pick up the drive to enable the pig to complete its negotiation of the wye piece.
The longer sealing length of a dual module pig is also beneficial for pigging full bore tees and for pigging back to back tees.

In addition, articulated pigs can be used for pigging pipelines with tight radius bends. Shorter pig bodies that are capable of traversing tight bends can be connected together and in doing so the increased sealing length can allow the pig to negotiate various other pipeline features.

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