Pipeline pig tracking equipment

Intelligent Pigging Procedure – How Does It Work?

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

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Pipeline inspection and cleaning have both come a long way over the decades – and at Pigtek, we’ve been at the forefront of pipe network management and pigging for hundreds of major businesses and service providers for several years. Over time, the concept of an intelligent pigging procedure has grown popular with pipeline providers – […]

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Pigtek Pipeline Cleaning Pig

Industrial Pipeline Cleaning Methods: Which is the Most Effective?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

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Keeping your industrial pipelines clean is essential. Not only does a clean pipe keep things moving efficiently – and to keep your business afloat – regular cleaning also helps to ensure the quality of the product and the safety of the pipeline. But, out of all of the different pipeline cleaning methods available, which is […]

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How Do Pull-Through Pigs Work for J-Tube Cleaning?

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

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Are you trying to get your J-tube pipe network cleaned and clear? Pull-through pigs might just be what you’re looking for. J-tubes may seem like they are impossible to clean, but that is not the case. Whether you are dealing with offshore pipelines or open-ended inland pipe networks, pull-through technology is designed to help get […]

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Pig Tracking on above ground section of pipeline

How Effective Are Foam Pigs for Pipeline Cleaning?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

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When it comes to pipeline cleaning, it makes sense to look for a cost-effective and efficient solution that gets your pipes clear from any nuisance debris. However, if you’ve already taken a look at some of the services and options available here at Pigtek, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the difference is between some […]

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Drop in Trials Rig

What is a Dual-Diameter Pig, and What Are They Useful For?

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

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Whether you are involved with gas, oil, or other substances, the chances are that you already know that your pipelines will need cleaning regularly – and repeatedly. As you may know, pipeline pigs are essential for ensuring the best results from your pipelines (by cleaning them, removing any debris and build-up, removing pigs that have […]

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Bypass Pig Close up

How Does Pipeline Pigging Work?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

in Blog, Pipeline Pigging

Cleaning and maintaining a pipeline of any shape, size or type can take a lot of work. Pipelines are complex and often extremely lengthy – which can make cleaning and investigating their interiors all the more tricky. That’s why pipeline pigging has proven so popular over the years – but how does pipeline pigging work […]

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Magnetic Cleaning Pig removed from a pipeline

Types of Pipeline Pigging Equipment and Their Uses

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

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When it comes to pipeline cleaning, pigs alone aren’t the only items that you will need. In fact, there are multiple essential pipeline pigging equipment for every job. Pigtek is proud to host over 200 heavy-duty pigs to suit any size pipeline, and of course, the equipment necessary to get them to do their jobs […]

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Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 6in to 12in

What is Pigging for Pipelines, and How Does It Work?

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

in Blog, Pigging

If you run any kind of pipeline, then the chances are that you have needed or will need pipeline pigs. These incredible tools are used for cleaning, unclogging, and improving the performance of pipelines. But what is pigging, and how does it work? In this article, we will take a closer look at what pipeline […]

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Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 14in and 16in

Pig cleaning for pipelines – How effective is it?

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

in Blog, Pig Cleaning

Are you looking into pig cleaning for your pipes? Whether you are considering investing in pipeline pigs for the first time or would like to check on what your money is going into, then this article is for you. Pipeline pigs are currently the best pipeline cleaning and damage prevention tools available. But what are […]

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