With more export pipelines from new oil and gas fields being tied into existing pipelines, there is still the need for pigging, even if the diameters of the two pipelines are different. To overcome this, Pigtek can design and supply Dual Diameter Pigs that will traverse both the smaller diameter pipeline and the larger diameter pipeline. In the event that more than two diameters of pipeline are present in the pipeline system, then a Multi Diameter Pig would be used to negotiate the various pipeline diameter changes.

In all cases the pig needs to be capable of folding down within the smaller diameter pipeline without components becoming damaged, excessively worn or causing a stuck pig situation. In turn, the pig also needs to be capable of supporting itself and providing an effective seal in the larger diameter pipeline.

Pipeline Pig Design and Pig Testing for Dual Diameter and Multi Diameter Pipelines

Pipeline cleaning in dual diameter and multi diameter pipelines can be challenging, as the pig will always achieve a higher level of cleaning in the smaller diameter pipeline, but Pigtek are experienced in pipeline pig design and have the technical expertise to assess pipeline cleaning requirements and pig negotiation for dual and multi diameter pipeline applications.

Pigtek are highly experienced in the design and manufacture of dual diameter pigs and multi diameter pigs that are capable of a large range of pipeline bore changes and associated applications. Bore changes of up to 60% have been achieved.

Every application involving pipeline diameter changes holds its own unique challenges and Pigtek tackle most jobs by initially conducting a pigging feasibility study. This then leads on to initial specialist pig design and in many cases full scale trials of the pig in pipework, which replicates the as-built pipeline features. This enables the performance of the proposed pig to be assessed and enables any modifications and fine-tuning to be made prior to supplying production pigs for operational pigging that are fully compatible with the pipeline application.


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Pipeline Pig Testing and Trialling