5 Benefits of Tracking your Pipeline Pigs

Land Pipeline on MountainThe way through which pipelines and pipe networks are investigated and cleaned has always been evolving – and thankfully for many businesses throughout the world, this has been for the better.  Pigtek are at the forefront of pigging technology across all fields and pipeline needs – meaning that regardless of the complexity or length of your pipeline, we will be able to help design and provision brilliant working pigs to help investigate and clean out your pipelines with the efficiency you and your customers require.  Here are just a few reasons why you should be tracking your pig – and why we aim to offer tracking services as standard.

Keep an Eye on Things

In previous pipeline cleaning and research endeavours, keeping track of pigs or anything that could be sent down a network has been extremely difficult – however, with pioneering tracking equipment, which operates on the proviso of there being changes in the magnetic field, monitoring exactly what is happening along your pipeline has never been easier.  Tracking simply makes sense – you don’t want to lose track of anything that is dispatched along the way!

Get Things Moving 

Tracking a pig makes things very easy indeed should you need to remove or dislodge something which needs to be moved out of the way.  Whether there is heavy debris or a pig which may already be stuck along the pipeline, tracking allows you to keep track of what is lodged, and what’s on its way to perform the dislodging.

Keeping to Schedule 

There’s no real way to properly time a pigging job beyond estimates unless you have tracking set up – meaning that you can effectively plan for your business’ re-opening and other duties you may have to hand while a pig investigates and cleans your pipeline.  Tracking allows you to make plans – purely and simply – meaning that it is more than time for you to consider its benefits.

Tracking is Portable

Series of Green Water Pipes

Tracking is not only incredibly important for the effective cleaning and/or investigation of a pipeline, it is easier to undertake than ever before.  Our magnetic tracking equipment arrives as the result of decades of development and, as such, is lightweight and can be easily transported.  This is fantastic news if you have more than one pipeline to oversee, or if you are in need of portable assistance.

It’s the Industry Standard

No matter which field you may work in, pig tracking has become the standard for efficient pipelines.  Keeping your pipe networks clean and fully investigated means more than just sending a few items down the line – you’re going to need to keep track of what any and all pigs you have launched are doing if you wish to maintain efficiency – to keep up to speed with your competition, and to ensure that your consumers get the product they need as soon as possible.

Pigtek Ltd are pioneers in pigging design and manufacture – as well as provision and support.  Call our team today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 if you have any needs or concerns – and we’ll always be more than happy to help.