Pipeline inspection and cleaning have both come a long way over the decades – and at Pigtek, we’ve been at the forefront of pipe network management and pigging for hundreds of major businesses and service providers for several years. Over time, the concept of an intelligent pigging procedure has grown popular with pipeline providers – but what does this service actually involve?


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Intelligent pigging in a nutshell

As much as a standard pig deployed down a pipeline can clean debris, dirt and other deposits from the inside walls, it can only do so much when it comes to analysing the integrity and structure of your pipe network. This is where an intelligent pigging procedure will normally come into play.

In short, intelligent or smart pigging revolves around the use of a pig fitted with sensors and gauges to deeper analyse the integrity of a pipeline. These pigs are deployed in much the same way as traditional cleaners, however, they are carefully monitored through either ultrasonic, magnetic or acoustic equipment above ground.

Intelligent pigs are fantastic supports for pipeline owners who have long or complex networks they need to maintain for a steady flow of product.


Pipeline pig tracking equipment

What can intelligent pigging companies detect?

While a standard pig with brush fittings will take care of blockages and debris en route, an intelligent pig will give the user extra intel on how their pipe network is standing up over years of use. Over time, your pipeline is likely to fall foul of erosion or degradation, for example, and not necessarily through the way you treat it, or the product that you send through the pipes.

Intelligent pigging can help to detect problems down the pipeline such as loss of metal, anomalies in welding, cracking through gas, bending and temperature anomalies. These are all problems which, if left to persist, could make life – and business – very difficult for you over time. Rather than having to delve deep into the pipeline yourself, you can rely on an intelligent pigging procedure to pick up on potential issues with ease.



What are the benefits of intelligent pigging?

Intelligent pigging could save your business extensive repair costs – and loss of business time – by picking up on structural issues long before they worsen. This means that you can effectively prevent issues rather than cure them at a later date.

What’s more, the latest in intelligent pigging equipment will easily track deployed pigs and provide you with extensive detail on what’s been detected en route. Data can then be analysed help you to make a decision as to what to do next.

Intelligent pigging is highly recommended for pipeline users with years of experience. While you may continue to provide a fantastic service and/or product to your end users, it stands to reason that even the most impressive pipelines will wear down over time.

If you’re already noticing that product isn’t flowing as efficiently as it once has, or if you are struggling to hit fulfilment targets, it may be that you need to repair your pipes. Without intelligent pigging, you’re potentially at a loss as to where to begin. Where could the problems in your pipes be starting from? You may never know unless you get a specific pigging service on side.


Why choose Pigtek?

Pig Tracking on buried pipeline

Pigtek is pleased to be one of the world’s leading pipeline pigging companies. We’ve helped to design and build pigs for all manner of purposes in a variety of sizes. What’s more, we’ve seen more than enough problem pipelines and networks to know exactly how to analyse and prepare them for the better.

People rely on us to ensure their product can continue flowing freely, and to ensure that their end users continue to receive uninterrupted service. Unfortunately, when you’re at the mercy of a pipeline, there are all kinds of problems that can arise unless you take special care.

Pigtek offers a completely bespoke service. That means we will carefully analyse your pipeline and will discuss your needs in detail with you before we get started, and design a pig that both fits your requirements and the specific shape of your pipes!

Intelligent pigging is a must if you run a pipeline and are starting to notice slowdowns or problems with product delivery. We highly recommend regular inspections, too, to ensure that you are always at the top of your game.

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