Cleaning a pipeline pig - Intelligent pigging companies

Running a pipeline or having to depend on one on a daily basis can be very complicated and expensive. So much has to go into the maintenance of the pipes in order to avoid a catastrophic failure in one or more areas. In some cases, you might need the help of intelligent pigging companies to get your pipes working great once again.

Pigging is one of the most efficient ways of maintaining the interior of a pipeline, as it takes out all of the debris and clogged-up dirt that would be impossible to reach otherwise.

The device known as a ‘pig’ should be made to fit your pipeline’s specifications in order to do the job efficiently and without disrupting the flow of the product inside.

Certain specific cleaning pigs also come with brushes and other tools that help scrape off all of the excess dirt from the walls of your pipes, leaving them as clean as ever!


What is intelligent pigging?

Smart pigging companies offer you more than just a simple pigging and cleaning service. Smart or intelligent pigs are fitted with sensors and magnets to help ascertain the nature of the inside of your pipe.

pigging and pipeline cleaning by Pigtek, Intelligent pigging companies

This effectively allows us to report back various points along your pipeline as the pig travels along. Therefore, we can ascertain if there are any problems such as narrowing or blockages on route. In line with traditional pig fittings, smart pigging companies can help you to truly see inside your pipes and to understand them all the better.

Cleaning even a tiny section of a pipeline can take hours upon hours. It will require an intense amount of preparation as well as countless man-hours spent cleaning and investigating separately. Moreover, cleaning the inside of a pipeline is also incredibly tricky work that, if done improperly, can jeopardise the contents of the pipes as well as the pipeline itself.

Intelligent pigging also removes the need for you to have to probe too deeply into the inner workings of a pipe on your own. Effectively, it’s like dispatching your own expert down the line so you can see what’s going on!


Why hire Pigtek?

As you can imagine, failing to look after your pipelines properly could be disastrous for both your company and your customers. That’s why it is is so important to look for a smart pigging company with a variety of solutions available.

Pigtek is a pipeline cleaning and pipeline pigging specialist that has worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as BP, Shell, Texaco, Yorkshire Water, and more.

Since the year 2000, Pigtek is proud to have been at the very forefront of new pigging technologies, and to this day, uses our years of expertise to adapt our pigs to our clients’ needs.

There is no doubt that pipeline technology is ever-evolving and has a tendency to change rapidly! As a known name in the pigging industry, we know that it is our job to always stay ahead of the advancements in technology in order always to be able to meet our clients’ demands.

We have always been able to provide the pigs that our clients need, even in the most difficult of situations.

If you are ready to make sure that your pipeline is as clean as it could be and that no underlying issues are waiting, then you can get in touch with one of Pigtek’s friendly crew on 01246 850220 or email us at