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Pipeline Pig Testing and Trialling

Pipeline Pigging and Pipeline Cleaning Specialists – Pigtek Ltd

When it comes to pipelines – big, small, long and short – here at Pigtek we are expert solution providers for your pipeline pigging and pipeline cleaning needs. We are leaders in pipeline cleaning and provide specialist pigging products, specialist pigging equipment and specialist on-site pigging services to suit the demands of the international oil and gas industry – no matter how diverse and no matter how grand.

Our specialist products and on-site services are focused entirely on pipeline pigging. In addition, through specialist pig design, our pigging equipment is utilised for applications where ‘standard’ or ‘off the shelf’ pigging equipment is not performing or cannot perform to the specifications you require – Pigtek specialist cleaning pigs, however, have achieved top results in extreme pigging conditions – and we are extremely proud of them as a result!

We have many years of experience in designing and supplying high quality pigging equipment

We understand that your pipelines are valuable assets – they must be looked after with top quality pigging equipment to ensure pipeline integrity, pipeline maintenance and pipeline flow assurance at all times.

While there are many proprietary pig products available to satisfy most pipeline applications, there are occasions where ‘standard’ products are simply unable to perform effectively or are proving to be inefficient for the job at hand. This may be due to extreme pipeline debris problems, undiagnosed pipeline conditions, or even diverse pipeline features such as pipeline wye pieces, dual diameter pipelines, multi diameter pipelines or long distance pipelines.  Therefore, it’s all the more important to trade with a supplier that has years of experience in designing and supplying high quality pigging equipment.

Pipeline Pigging Experts Since 2000

Pigtek was formed in 2000 as an independent, privately owned specialist pigging company, focusing on supplying pipeline cleaning pigs, pipeline pig services and ancillary pigging equipment for these specific applications.  Since then, we have grown to become one of the industry’s most respected and sought-after purveyors of all things pipelines and pigging – with a number of world firsts and an impressive list of satisfied clients spanning the globe.

Being a specialist pigging company allows us to lend our experience to both the design and configuration of equipment to meet individual pipeline requirements, and, with an innovative approach, have the capability to solve most pigging problems using specially designed and custom made equipment.  We find that it is our versatility and bespoke nature that has made us both so popular in the trade and so well-regarded by pipeline professionals – so we therefore endeavour to maintain this open approach in everything we do!  If you are interested in seeing how we can help your pipelines or your business in general,please contact us to let us know at your earliest convenience.

We Specialise in

  • Advanced Pipeline Cleaning Pigs & Enhanced Pipeline Cleaning Pigs
  • Specialist Pipeline Scraper Pigs
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Specialist On Site Pipeline Pigging Services
  • Pipeline Pig Tracking & Location Services
  • Pipeline Pig Signallers and Pipeline Pig Detection Systems
  • Pipeline Pig Design
  • Pipeline Pig Testing
  • Pipeline Pig Verification Trials
  • Pipeline Pig Verification Testing
  • Pipeline Pig Sales
  • Pipeline Pig Hire
  • Pig Spares & Accessories

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Pipeline Pig Testing and Trialling