Brush Pigs for Pipeline Cleaning

A Brush Cleaning Pig is used for cleaning the internal wall of pipelines to remove debris such as black powder from gas pipelines, plus wax, sand and sludge from product and oil pipelines.

Pigtek Brush Cleaning Pigs are highly efficient and are based on a bi-directional pig design, being fitted with polyurethane guide and seal discs. The guide discs support and centralise the pig as well as providing a cleaning action on the internal pipewall to loosen and push most medium to hard deposits in front of the pig. The sealing discs maintain a tight seal within the pipeline to provide the pig with the drive to traverse the line.

Using a Brush Cleaning Pig

Brush pigs for cleaning can be used during pipeline cleaning operations and for pipeline maintenance cleaning. Pigtek design and supply performance driven, heavy-duty pipeline cleaning tools, which are backed up with unrivalled technical support for pigging operations and customer care. Pigtek Cleaning Pigs offer superior performance that can provide for higher quality pipeline maintenance, greater product throughput, more stable pipeline operating parameters and general pipeline flow assurance. A further benefit of maintaining pipelines to a higher standard of cleanliness is that very often less work is required in preparing the pipeline for internal inspection using intelligent pigs – and the cleaner the pipeline then the greater the opportunity for obtaining higher quality data, first time.

Circular Brushes, Block Brushes and Pencil Type Brushes

The quantity and arrangement of brushes are determined by the diameter of the pig and client requirements, but in all sizes our Brush pigs for cleaning provide 360 degree internal pipewall cover.

Circular brushes are generally fitted to our Brush Pigs for pipeline diameters from 4” through to 12”.

Block brushes can be fitted to Brush Cleaning Pigs for pipeline diameters from 18” upwards. These brushes are mounted on brackets, which are arranged in overlapping bands around the central pig body to provide 360 degree cover. As the block brushes become worn, the efficiency of the cleaning action can be restored by fitting brush spacers. These are fitted between the mounting bracket and brush e to increase the tip-to-tip measurement across the worn brushes.

The block brushes are similar to those on MFL (magnetic flux leakage) smart pigs / ILI pigs / intelligent pigs. If a Brush Pig fitted with block brushes is used, it can provide a good indication as to the likely condition of the inspection pig run.

Pencil type brushes can be fitted to Brush pigs in most pipeline diameters. They can be fitted as a complete ring to the rear of the pig, or can be split for mounting around the central pig body. Contact Pigtek for more help on purchasing your Brush Cleaning Pig.

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