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Pigtek are leaders in providing specialist pigging products and pipeline pigging services to the international oil and gas pipeline industry. Our pipeline pigging products and pipeline pigging services are focused 100% on pipeline pigging and associated equipment for applications where “standard” equipment is not performing or cannot perform. Pigtek was formed in January 2000 by Ralph Hyslop, who was formerly a senior manager of the world-renowned Kershaw business, through its various guises (McAlpine Kershaw, BG Kershaw and PII Kershaw), and was responsible for the design and development of many unique specialist pipeline pigs and revolutionary pipeline cleaning methods.

Provide unrivaled customer care to the gas and oil industry

Pigtek are an independent specialist pigging company that provide unrivaled customer care. In the pipeline pigging business we know that experience counts and our team is well versed in providing what the customer requires, when he needs it. At Pigtek, we take great pride in our innovative approach to pipeline pigging and with our experience we have the capability to solve most pipeline pigging issues and pipeline cleaning problems – no matter how diverse! In fact we thrive on solving problems.

From our base in the centre of the UK, Pigtek deliver specialist pigging products and services to the oil and gas industry on a worldwide basis. We have local representation in selected countries – please contact us for further details.

Some of the products and services we offer

Advanced Pipeline Cleaning Pigs • Specialist Pipeline Pigs • Pipeline Pigging Services • Pig Detection Systems • Pig Sales • Pigging Services • Pig Hire

Pipeline Pigging Services: Pipeline Proving Services, Pipeline Gauging Pigging, Advanced Pipeline Cleaning Services, Pre-Inspection Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Pig Tracking, Pipeline Stuck Pig Location Services, Pipeline Stuck Pig Removal Services, Lost Pig Location, Lost Pig Removal, Pipeline Pigging Training and Pipeline Pigging Supervision during live pipeline pigging services operations.

Pipeline Pig Development Services: Pipeline Pigging Feasibility Studies, Specialist Pipeline Pig Design, Pipeline Pig Verification Trials, Pipeline Pig Testing, Producing Pigging Procedures.

Products: Dual Diameter Pigs, Multi Diameter Pigs, High Power Magnetic Cleaning Pigs, Brush Cleaning Pigs, Heavy Duty Brush Cleaning Pigs, Pipeline Hard Deposit Removal Pigs, Pipeline De-Scaling Pigs, Pipeline Pin Pigs (and Pin Wheel Pig type), Advanced By-Pass Pigs (and Pressure By-Pass Pigs), Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers (certified and non-certified) for onshore, offshore and subsea, Magnetic Pig Tracking Equipment, Acoustic Pig Detection Equipment.
Pigtek are certified to ISO 9001:2008 revision.

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