Here at Pigtek, we’re proud to be able to support so many different business and services with fantastic pigging support. To be able to deliver clean, safe product to your users, you’re going to need a pipeline you can depend on. In years gone by, it has been difficult to monitor, manage and even clean these pipes. However, thanks to the rise of pigging, it’s now become even simpler to take control of the way your pipe network delivers water, fuel and other produce to end users.

With this in mind, we’ve developed our services over the years to become more flexible for our clients. Ultimately, we know only too well that no one pig will fit all pipelines! Some pigs need to do specialist jobs, while some pipelines may need a little bit of a helping hand. With this in mind, we have been running a bespoke design and provision service for our customers since we set up business. It’s helped us to become the most reliable brand in pipeline pigging – if we do say so ourselves!

What is a Specialist Pipeline Pig?

Further assessment of a Dual Diameter PigTo be able to understand what a specialist pig does, you firstly need to understand why they exist. Specialist pigs are developed to help deliver certain results during inspections, cleaning trails and investigations. A specialist pig is one which has been developed solely with one particular pipeline in mind – yours.

While you may be able to get brilliant results from traditional cleaning pigs, our philosophy is that you really need the tailored approach for the best outcome. Pipeline pigs use more technology than you may think. From bespoke brush designs to acoustic monitoring, magnets and more besides, each pig is going to be slightly different. While some are sent to clean, others are sent to unblock pipelines, and some are even sent on their way to try and find faults in need of fixing.

Over the years, pipelines have gotten more complex. Thanks to expanding customer bases and international product delivery, companies have needed to design and set up longer, more intricate networks of piping. This, of course, means that the need for specialist pigs has increased, too.
But how do we build specialist pigs, and what can you expect from our service?

Research and Development

Designing, building and provisioning a pig means a little more work than just doing a few measurements and seeing how things go. Specialist pigs require specialist attention. Therefore, we aim to work closely with you to ensure that we are taking the right approach when it comes to your pipeline.

From the very start of the process, we can attend on-site investigations to get a good idea of the type of pipeline we will be working with. We’ll take down all necessary measurements, scale, potential issues and known problems into account. We’ll then be able to take this data away so that we can run assessments behind the scenes.

During this time, our specialist teams will work on how feasible sending a pipeline pig will be. We’ll consider safety, chance of success, and any accessories or specialist parts which may need to be added on. From here, moving to the design phase, we will be able to draft a pipeline pig which will fit the given pipe and which will do the work expected of it.

We’re focused on quality assurance, too. We make sure that each and every one of our bespoke pipeline pigs has been designed to offer efficient support with minimal risk of redeployment. We make sure to carry out several trials and dry runs before we send a pig down your pipeline for real. This way, we can avoid getting pigs stuck along the way, which would provide a completely different problem.


Why Use a Specialist Pig Design?

While it may have been perfectly reasonable to use standardised pigs for pipelines in the past, time has moved on. Pipelines are getting more complex, and therefore, there’s a growing need for specialist pig design for bespoke results.

That’s where Pigtek comes in. We’re proud to have been able to offer bespoke, tailored pipeline pig design from the beginning. If your pipeline is in need of specialist support, contact us for a thorough inspection and research project before you go unplugging it yourself.

Contact our team for full details by calling +44 (0) 1246 850220 or by dropping us a line via web form at your convenience. Bespoke Pipeline Pig Design is the way forward – trust us!

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