The Pigtek HDR (Hard Deposit Removal) Pin Pig is ideal for removing debris such as scale or hard wax from pipelines. The Pig utilises steel pins mounted in polyurethane to scrape and remove hard debris that may be adhered to the internal pipewall.

The HDR Pin Pig is designed to be a towed unit, which is pulled through the pipeline by a Tow Pig using our ball joint assembly. Debris loosened by the HDR Pin Pig can be removed by running a “bulldozer” pig, such as a Magnetic Cleaning Pig or Brush Cleaning Pig.

The aggressiveness of the HDR Pin Pig can be controlled by several means, as follows:

  • The number of scraper pins that are fitted to the pig can be adjusted.
  • Different profiles of tungsten carbide tips on the scraper pins can be manufactured to suit aggressiveness.
  • The length of the scraper pins can be manufactured longer or shorter to suit the aggressiveness.
  • The polyurethane can be manufactured harder or softer to suit aggressiveness.

Pigtek HDR Pin Pigs are available in sizes from 6in. through to 56in.



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