The experience that Pigtek have in the field of pipeline cleaning service is probably unrivalled. Pigtek personnel pioneered many of the current industry cleaning methods, and we continue to develop new and evermore efficient technology to maintain our position as the market leaders.

Pipeline cleaning methods will vary from pipeline to pipeline and will depend on many factors such as product, service, diameter and length. To enable Pigtek to fully evaluate the most effective equipment for the job, we simply request that our client complete our pipeline questionnaire. From this information and discussions with our client we are able to define a cleaning strategy that will include the necessary specialist pigs and associated equipment.

Once on site, our experience really comes into own and we progress the cleaning operation in a safe and efficient manner. We assess the results of each individual cleaning run prior to preparing the next pig for optimum performance.

Pigtek have provided pipeline cleaning services for a variety of purposes such as pre-inspection cleaning, flow improvement, removal of deposits prior to applying corrosion inhibitor and preparing pipelines for product conversion.