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Wondering when pigging products could be beneficial to the running of your business?

If you’re running a pipeline as part of your business or as part of a public service, there are of course a number of things you are going to need to be responsible for.

For example, you’re going to need to make sure that your end users and clients always have access to clean product they can use for a variety of purposes.

From clean water to oil – which can be used to power cars and machinery alike, we rely on pipelines more than we perhaps realise from day to day.

Therefore, to keep these pipelines up and running, you’re going to need to inspect and clean them on a regular basis.  Previously, keeping pipelines clean will have been an arduous task, especially for those who are overseeing longer or more complex pipe networks.

However, thanks to the rise of pigging products, it’s now easier than ever before to take complete control of your pipeline’s daily running.

Here at Pigtek, we’re proud to be able to design and provide a host of pigging products and services for pipelines of all sizes and lengths.

We’re leaders in the pigging products industry for a reason – we’ve helped pipeline businesses all over the world set up with hard-working pigging products and systems that make a serious difference.

Here are just a few reasons why you should really think about putting our products and services to use.


Always Inspect First

The fact of the matter is, you have no idea how efficient your pipeline is going to be until you actually start using it.  That is, however, unless you choose to thoroughly inspect it beforehand.

Our pre-inspection services allow us to deploy a pig to check for any faults in the network, and for any build-up in debris, dirt or other blockages.

We fit our pigs with a variety of technology to be able to closely monitor their progress down the line, which will then, of course, give us a clear indication of what to expect.

Pipeline inspections are always a good idea when it comes to analysing your pipe network for the first time.  Our pigging products can be deployed on a ‘test run’ to retrieve data from inside the pipe.

If there are any cracks, unsafe bends, warping, or if there is a considerable build-up of dirt along the way, our pigs will be able to let you know.  We use magnetic and acoustic pigs for tracking and inspection, as well as tracking equipment for use above ground.


Unclogging and Cleaning

Cleaning a pipeline pig - Intelligent pigging companies, pigging productsOne of the main reasons why pipelines take pigging products on at all is for thorough cleaning.  It is otherwise difficult for you to get deep into a pipe network to clean and de-scale!

Our pigging will help to reduce the amount of wax and debris that can build up over time.  If you let too much debris build up in your pipes, the speed of your product flow will slow down dramatically.  It may also put your product at risk of contamination.

There is even the danger that too much blockage will stop your product from flowing altogether.

This won’t just upset your customers, but may also result in long-term damage to your pipes.

Cleaning pigs can be fitted with specialised brushes which can deploy down your pipes to carefully remove stubborn dirt and build-up on their travels.

This ultimately means that your pipes are gradually cleaned with just one or two pig passes.

We will can help you choose the right brushes and the best pigging products for your needs before we get started.

Whether you need to completely unclog a pipe or are worried about the effects that built-up dirt and debris may be having on your product flow, it is always worthwhile getting a cleaning pig or two involved.


Pig Retrieval

Having pigging problems of your own? On rare occasions, due to extreme blockages or due to problems with a pig, we may need to hunt down and unblock your pipe with rescue pigs. These will be able to push out blocked pigs which can no longer be tracked.

Rescue pigs may also be used to help unclog major blockages, which of course means your pipelines will be fully restored to their optimum working standards.

That’s always the aim – to get your pipelines working just as they should from the day they were built.


Most Pigging Problems are Easy to Fix – We’ll Show You How!

If you’re running a pipeline and are worried about efficiency and product delivery, consider pigging products to help you along the way.

We are pipeline pigging experts and pride ourselves on always having the right pigging products and solutions for any situation – from one pipeline to the next.

Thanks to our innovative approach to pigging, we are a specialist pigging company that thousands of brands and companies have come to trust.

We’re one of the few experts helping pipeline industry brands with custom designs – no matter the size or scope of your network.

We will always do what is necessary to meet individual pipeline requirements, ensuring everything from pipeline maintenance to repairs and foam pigs specially designed to keep your product flowing.

Pigtek’s team of expert designers and deployers are here to help you all year round.

Call us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or simply email us at your convenience to get started.

We’ll come armed with a pig launcher and a custom design to get you unclogged in no time.

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