When it comes to keeping your pipelines clean and clear, there are few ways better for efficiency and cost than through using pigging technology.  At Pigtek, we specialise in a variety of specific pigs and pipeline systems which can easily deploy down pipes and piping networks of all sizes.  However, we specialise in more than just cleaning.  When it comes to cleaning your pipes, you are going to need to make more than a few preparations.  One of the best ways you can prepare for pipeline pigging in any shape and form is pipeline gauging.

Getting your pipes and piping networks clean and clear regularly doesn’t have to be a hassle, but you are going to need to make sure you have an experienced team on side who can help you with all the intricate cleaning and clearing.  Pigtek is always here to help.  But what exactly is pipeline gauging, and why should you treat it with absolute importance?


Bi-Directional Gauging PigWhat Pipeline Gauging Involves

Before you start any kind of pipeline cleaning with pig technology, you need to gauge your pipes.  This is because you are going to need to make sure your piping is ready to take standard-size pigs for a variety of different purposes.  Pigging is great not only for cleaning, but also for inspections.  Inspecting your pipeline is crucial if you are going to run regular cleans.

Pipeline gauging projects involve looking closely at the interior diameter of a network.  This means that you will need a specific kind of pig to measure the inside of your piping, otherwise, standard size pigs are going to be at risk of clogging and getting blocked on route.  Rather than muddle around with manually measuring your pipes, a gauging program will ensure that you are ready to take on intensive cleaning pigs and more besides.


Which Pigs Are Used for Pipeline Gauging?

The pigs we use specifically for pipeline gauging are those which are generally built in steel.  We will also design and fit pigs with a variety of discs and accessories, which are useful for making their way through pipes and networks of various widths, sizes and lengths.  However, beyond the physical side of things, we can also fit pigs with magnets and transmitters.

These fittings will help us to monitor and manage a wide variety of different issues inside the pipes.  If you’re looking to deep-clean the inside of a pipe, you are going to need a heavy-duty system.  Therefore, you are always going to need to make sure your pipes are ready to accept such a pig.  Pipeline gauging will run a complete audit on the interior of your piping, meaning that you won’t have to measure up or account for any of the internal data yourself.  Rest assured; our pipeline gauging services will make sure that everything is accounted for.

Pipeline gauging pigs are also great for offering a light amount of cleaning.  This means that they may be perfect if you need to do a pre-clean or scrub.  However, we would always recommend that you opt straight for a deep clean if pre-pigging determines that there are major problems on-route.


Bi-Directional Gauging Pig in Receiver

When Should Pipeline Gauging Take Place?

You should always be careful to gauge a pipeline for pigging before you use any kind of cleaning services or inspection pigs.  It is, of course, prudent to make sure that you have the right measurements and that your inner piping is free from debris before any major pigs are sent down the pipes.  Otherwise, you are at risk of things getting stuck.

Unfortunately, it is never easy to tell whether or not a pipeline is going to be clean and clear for you to use from the outside.  That’s why you should always make sure to gauge your pipes before you undertake any major inspections.  As part of our overall service, we will make sure to fully gauge and prepare your pipelines before we offer you cleaning or deeper inspections.

You can rely on Pigtek to offer you a fantastic array of cleaning and inspection services when it comes to pipelines and piping networks of all shapes and sizes.  If you have a long or complex pipeline, it is important that you make sure you have the technology and expertise available to cover your whole network.


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