Whether you are involved with gas, oil, or other substances, the chances are that you already know that your pipelines will need cleaning regularly – and repeatedly. As you may know, pipeline pigs are essential for ensuring the best results from your pipelines (by cleaning them, removing any debris and build-up, removing pigs that have gotten stuck, detecting issues within the pipelines and more).

Dual Module 32" Brush/Magnetic Cleaning Pig

However, pipelines tend to extend over the years, with more and more export lines being installed over time. The new exports can differ in diameter from the initial pipelines. In fact, they often do. But, if that is such, then how can you ensure secure pipeline pigging without needing to dismount and insert multiple different pigs of different sizes?

Well, thankfully, it’s quite simple. You need a dual-diameter pig. A dual-diameter pig has the capability of adapting to different pipelines, as the name puts it, of two different sizes. Of course, they tend to be more efficient in the smaller pipelines, but with the best designs, you can ensure that all of your pipelines get the care that they need from the very same pig.


What happens if there are more than two different diameters in the pipelines?

Pipeline pigs come in all shapes and sizes, and yes, there are instances in which an even more flexible pig can adjust to varying diameters in the same line. In that case, you would simply need a multi-diameter pig to ensure that the whole system is catered to.

Again, given the complexity of the project, it is essential for you to choose a company with the experience, design and manufacturing capability to ensure that the perfect pig clears out your pipe network with ease.


How will Pigtek ensure success?

Drop in Trials Rig

Pigtek is a leading company in pipeline pigging and pipeline cleaning and has been at the head of the industry for over two decades. We have worked on oil and gas pipelines, in all different areas, of different sizes and additional specific requirements

What sets Pigtek apart is the fact that all of our pigs are specially designed to suit the specifications of the pipelines that we cater for. We work closely with our clients, from the initial design of the pig to the manufacturing and administering of the pig. That, too, goes for dual-diameter pigs that can adjust and adapt to a changing pipeline.

It’s not always simple to tell whether or not you will actually need a dual-diameter pig before you book with us. Therefore, we encourage you to call us for a pre-consultation.

To ensure success before actually deploying a pig into your pipeline, Pigtek will first of all conduct a pigging feasibility study. From there, we will design the perfect dual-diameter pig for your specific pipelines, which then leads to a full-scale trial of the device in a replica of your setup.

This will ensure that the pig that we have designed meets your specific requirements before work begins. Should any modifications be required, they will be honoured before the pigs are delivered to you and put into operation.

It stands to reason that pipelines are often long and complex – they have very big jobs to do!

Should you have queries about how our dual-diameter pigs or our multi-diameter pigs work – or how Pigtek can help you to maintain and clean your pipelines – then please do not hesitate to call us on 01246 850220.

You can also contact us via email at sales@pigtek.com – and one of our friendly crew members will be happy to help you on your way to getting that pipeline clean and clear in no time.