Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 6in to 12inCleaning pipelines is never as simple as it may seem on the face of it – for one, pipe networks come in all shapes and complexities, as well as lengths, which means you are going to need to look for a reliable and flexible solution for ensuring that your piping is thoroughly cleaned out and ready to go for maximum efficiency in the delivery of product.  At Pigtek, we provide a wide range of pipeline cleaning options to help ensure your pipe network is always delivering the best possible results.  Here are just three reasons why you should always endeavour to use the right type of cleaning pig for the job – one specifically designed for your needs – as opposed to leaping into the first potential solution which may come your way.

The Wrong Pigs Can Cause Damage

While it’s tempting to go with what appears to be a solid deal on the face of things, you should never opt into a pigging solution unless it has either been optioned for a test run or if it has been specifically designed for your pipeline.  Incorrectly-designed or inefficient pipeline pigs could cause more damage than good – and when your overall aim is ensuring that there is no damage or debris left in your pipe network, this could set you back considerably.  It’s time to consider the pigs you are set to use – do they fit?  Are they built to make your life easier – as opposed to more difficult?  It’s never a bad idea to start asking questions as soon as possible.

Rescuing Pigs Takes Time and Effort

State of the Art Magnetic PackagesPigs which haven’t been designed with your pipeline in mind run the risk, too, of getting stuck and lodged.  This can halt your entire operation – it’s safe to say that it’s a scenario you are going to want to avoid wherever possible.  Inefficient pigs, too, may not come with tracking enabled so that you can easily spot where a blockage lies – meaning that you have further time eaten away by your attempts to hunt down a particularly stubborn pig that just won’t make way.  Efficient and professional pig solutions designed for your pipelines will arrive with sophisticated tracking as well as the best fitting design for the job.

The Wrong Pigs Just Won’t Clean

Our last point may be fairly obvious – but you’ll know if you have the wrong pig for the job if it simply isn’t getting the dirt and debris up which you expect it to.  Efficiently-designed pigs focus on cleaning capability as well as ease of launch and use – meaning that opting for a hurriedly-designed model may also leave you high and dry in the functionality stakes, too.

For custom-design pigs which are tested and trialled thoroughly before any job, rely on Pigtek Ltd for the best resources around.  Call our team today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us with any further details you’d like to inform us about – and we will make sure your pipeline is clean and efficient for many months to come.

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