When it comes to cleaning and investigating pipes and pipelines, pigs are – of course – the most efficient way for you to handle such processes.  However, you may find that pigs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms.  Many of them, too, will have different fittings and features installed.  This is all for a good reason, of course!  One of the more common features you will find in pigging technology is a magnet or two – but what exactly are magnetic pigs?  How are they useful in helping to inspect and clear out pipes?

At Pigtek, we use a variety of leading technology standards to ensure that our clients’ pipelines are clean, clear, and efficient for use across the years to come.  However, we’re also here to help answer any burning questions you may have regarding pipelines and cleaning, and when it comes to magnetic pigs, you can count on our team as leading experts in the industry!  Here’s our quick guide on magnetic pigs, and how they could make a difference to the daily operation of your pipelines and piping.


State of the Art Magnetic Packages

What Are Magnetic Pigs?

As you may expect, magnetic pigs are pigs which are fitted with magnets!  However, rather than simply having one or two magnets fitted to either side of a pig, these systems benefit from multiple poles and fittings.  Magnetic pig technology is often a lot stronger than many people may imagine.  The stronger the magnetic field, the more effective they are at doing their jobs.

You will find that Pigtek supplies magnetic pigs in sizes ranging from six inches all the way up to 56 inches in diameter.  Therefore, no matter the size, length nor complexity of your pipes, you can be sure to find the perfect fitting pig for the job.

But just a second – what do magnetic pigs actually do?  Don’t they get stuck in metal pipework?  Not at all – read on for more of the complete lowdown.


What Do Magnetic Pigs Do?

Magnetic pigs are fantastic for helping to clear out and clean some of the toughest ferrous debris your pipelines are every likely to generate.  Not only are pipes likely to clog up with dirt and debris over time – they’re also likely to suffer from interior bits and pieces clogging up and contaminating the product you deliver.  For example, even the most efficient of pipelines are at risk of corroding every once in a while.

What’s more, you may find that you have some construction debris or even leftover electrodes in your piping.  The best way you’re going to be able to get these bits and bobs up and moving is through a high-strength magnet.  That, of course, is where magnetic cleaning pigs and inspection pigs come in.  They can deploy to pick up and collect a huge variety of debris and ferrous deposits you might otherwise fail to notice.

Pigtek offers magnet pigs for a variety of purposes.  However, our high-strength magnetic systems outpower those which you might consider standard cleaning pigs elsewhere.


Magnetic Cleaning Pig removed from a pipeline

Why Is It Important to Use Magnetic Pigs?

Pigs with built-in magnets come in very handy for many reasons.  For one thing, it is a clear way to ensure that your pipeline is free from nuisance debris and ferrous material.  Think about what you’d normally need to do to ensure that your product is clean and filtered.  If you’re delivering fresh water to suppliers, or if you’re delivering oil or fuel, it’s crucial that the product you deliver is uncontaminated.  Even with metal deposits floating around, you could be putting lives at risk.  It really isn’t worth the mark on your conscience!

What’s more, it’s certainly not worth the risk to your reputation.  Consider it this way – what if your business grinds to a halt as a result of health issues arising from your contaminated water or petrol?  What if your product simply doesn’t flow properly as a result of blockages?  It’s worth considering looking into regular cleaning and inspection for these reasons alone.

Regular pipeline cleaning is a great way to make sure that you are always delivering the best product.  Otherwise, you’re at risk of falling out of favour with your customers and your clients.  What’s more, you’re also at risk of falling behind the competition.


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