Pipelines with wheelsFor thousands of businesses all over the world – whether they are supplying privately or publicly – pipelines that offer efficiency and uninterrupted service make all the difference, each and every time.  Plenty of communities depend upon the delivery of fresh, clean water each and every day – and much of this is down to the work of a pipe network that could be quite extensive – one that requires regular checks and pipeline cleaning solutions in order to stay fully operational and ahead of the competition as well as worthy of consumers’ money.  Whether you are dispatching oil, water or otherwise, the product doesn’t matter – if your pipeline is clean and free from debris, it will be at its most efficient and inarguably working at its very best.

Pipeline cleaning solutions – Learning from the Experts

Pigtek Ltd have worked hard over the years to become world leaders in pigging and pipeline inspection – and we are proud to have been able to design and manufacture truly unique cleaning and inspection pigs which have been used for a variety of means.  Whether your pipeline network is complex or simple, we will have the pigging equipment for you.  In each and every case we have come across, cleaning a pipeline thoroughly and inspecting it on a regular basis outwardly improves the efficiency and performance of a pipe network.  It just makes sense – debris and thickening of dirt can clog things up and the speed of product can always be impacted by things getting stuck along the way.

Pipelines running over the oceanWe’ve put our magnetic pig tracking and cleaning services to the test in multiple high profile cases – and one of our most interesting and successful contracts came in the form of supplying pipeline pigging and equipment to help transfer Esso fuel through jetlines at Heathrow Terminal 5.  Through extensive decommissioning and magnetic tracking we were able to identify where changes needed to be made, and which cleaning processes and pig attachments would work most efficiently.  We were pleased to be able to recommission all pipelines and associated services the first time round – proving that intensive examination and cleaning saved the day.

Every Job has it’s own Challenges

Pigging will vary from pipeline to pipeline, and of course not every pipe network is the same as the last – meaning that we at Pigtek need to be on our toes to provide unique and complex pigging equipment to a variety of different firms and public services.  Whether you have a pipe network that is particularly long and difficult to navigate – or a pipeline which is particularly difficult to handle in terms of regular debris build-up – we can be on hand to create a pig and a range of attachments to suit your specific needs.

For more information on how we can help to revolutionise the efficiency of your pipeline and pipe network, call Pigtek Ltd today or email us further to start your quotation – dial +44 (0) 1246 850220 or use our web form to get started.  Don’t let your pipeline suffer as a result of build-up – get cleaning and investigating today.