PipelineWhen it comes to cleaning pipelines using pigging technology, no two pigs are the same – particularly as there can be a variety of different brushes and add-ons which can be provisioned to design a unique model for your own pipeline or pipe network.  Brush cleaning pigs are particularly useful for getting rid of stubborn debris on pipeline walls, whether they are handling regular oil or thick product which would otherwise create a dirt trail along the inside.  Pigtek brush pigs are designed and provisioned to ensure incredible cleaning performance from use to use – based on a bi-directional design, our pigs are fitted with guide and seal discs – the former helps to maintain the position of the pigs during the process, while the latter will help to maintain the pigs’ overall drive.

Each Pipeline is Different

Keeping pipelines clean and efficient is a tricky task unless you have the right tools for the job.  Pigtek design and supply unique, bespoke solutions for pipeline cleaning fitted with various types of brushes for various levels of debris and build-up.  It’s important to understand what each type of brush can do for your pipeline, and which models are the best choices for your particular needs.  These brushes generally vary based upon pipeline diameter, meaning that depending upon the size and width of your network, you may wish to opt for a particular type of brush pig to make sure the job is done to a perfect standard.

What Brushes are Available?

We advise starting with circular brushes.  These brushes are fitted to pigs which are set to travel down particularly thin pipelines, those which vary from four inches to 12 inches in diameter.  From there, block brushes are recommended – these are for pipelines of more common diameter sizes, varying from around 18 inches upwards.  These are mounted in an overlapping fashion around cleaning pigs to allow for 360 degree access to pipelines in need of a deep scrub and clean.  These brushes are commonly used in smart pig provisioning and can be particular assets in pipeline inspection and pre-use.  Therefore, they are perhaps some of the most common brushes we attach to our customers’ pigs.

Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 6in to 12in

Pencil type brushes, finally, are generally used on pigs of all diameters, these are fitted a little less comprehensively than block brushes, but can offer fine cleaning support either to the rear or mid-section of a cleaning pig.  Depending upon the level of cleaning job expected and the level of work required, we will always be in a position to advise you on which brushes will perform efficiently and effectively for you.

Pigtek Ltd are world leaders in pipeline pig design and provision.  If you’d like to know more about cleaning pig brushes and other standards we supply, call our team today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us at your convenience.  We’re here to make sure that your pipelines are fighting fit against dirt and debris which can really slow things down.  Don’t let your pipes clog up – find the right pig to keep things clean and efficient.