Pipeline Cleaning PigAll pipelines, no matter the length, diameter or purpose, will require maintenance at some point during their operational lifespan.  This is not only because a well-kept pipeline is essential to ongoing business and because it prevents any lengthy recovery processes further down the line, it is largely also due to the fact that many people depend upon the product that travels through such pipelines in order to be able to live comfortably.  Whether it be water, drainage or fuel, a clean pipeline is an efficient one – and this is why we highly recommend that pigging takes place regularly to ensure that you are constantly offering clean and efficient product to your customers.

Pipelines can build up internal debris over long use no matter what the product may be that is being distributed along the way – meaning that it can effectively slow down the movement of the product and may even cause blockages that could prove detrimental to the running of your business, and could delay when your customers receive their product supply.  In addition to this, a pipeline that is not clean or free of debris will be extremely hard to investigate – as investigative pigs will only ever be able to get so far unless your pipeline is as clean and as debris-free as possible.  Cleaning pigs are built to scrape and remove material from the inside of pipeline walls so that the maximum diameter of your pipeline can be maintained at all times.

Finding debris in your pipeline?

Debris on pipeline walls can also interfere with data collected by intelligent pigs that are used to ascertain whether or not there is corrosion or physical damage to the pipewall.  This means that a dirty pipeline could well be hiding potential problems that will need attention – meaning that inaction could result in further investigation, repair and expense further down the line.  The catch-all solution is, generally, ensuring that you use a cleaning pig regularly to keep the diameter of your pipeline at its maximum and to ensure that any potential build-up is removed – allowing your product to flow freely and for investigation results to prove conclusive.

If you are noticing that your product is moving slowly or are receiving conflicting results during a pipeline investigation, it is advisable to arrange for a thorough cleaning of the pipeline.  This will ensure that anything interfering with efficiency and investigation can be taken out of the equation in a smooth and effective manner, allowing you to continue to optimise the delivery of your product to your clientele as and when they need it the most.
Pigtek recommend regular pigging for cleaning and investigative purposes, and we provide a competitive range of bespoke pigs for use in pipelines big, small, short, long, complex and simple.  With a wealth of experience in designing and innovating pigs for industry use, you can rely upon us to ensure that your pipelines are kept in optimum condition.  For more information on our range of innovations and services, call us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or contact us online.