When it comes to pipeline cleaning, it makes sense to look for a cost-effective and efficient solution that gets your pipes clear from any nuisance debris. However, if you’ve already taken a look at some of the services and options available here at Pigtek, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the difference is between some of the various cleaning options!

Pigtek utilise Foam pigs during service operations for pipelines where very little information is known about the pipeline features, such as wall thickness, bend radius etc. As they are generally low cost, they are also very useful for short pipelines and for drying pipelines.

If you’re considering pigging your pipelines for the first time, there are plenty of great reasons why polyurethane foam pigs might just hold the key to your concerns.


Pig Tracking on above ground section of pipelineWhy Choose Foam Pigs for Pipeline Cleaning?

Foam pigs are used by pipeline owners and cleaners alike due to their flexibility. The very nature of polyurethane allows these pigs to easily squeeze through and navigate tight, complex pipelines with ease. For example, if your pipeline has short radius bends, back-to-back bends, elbows or tight spots that would otherwise be difficult to get into, you can rely on a foam pig to get the job done – so that’s great news if you have a very complex pipeline!

Foam pigs are quite durable and robust and are available as bespoke models to suit most pipelines.


Gentle Yet Effective

Many operators choose to deploy foam pigs as cleaning tools in pipelines with very light debris, as foam pigs can make for an ideal pigging solution. While you can’t rely on a foam pig to handle extremely dirty pipes or those that have hard debris, such as scale, hard wax, or those that are completely clogged, you can rely on them to carefully remove regular dirt and debris buildup.

If you are looking for pipeline cleaning set up on a frequent basis, Pigtek, are in a position to offer our clients a range of pigs and cleaning accessories to help your pipelines flow as naturally as they are intended for use – accessorising your pipeline pigs makes fantastic sense if you need to scrape off tough dirt or debris from the inside of your pipe network.


Great for More Than Just Cleaning

Foam pigs are great for more than simply cleaning or clearing out your pipeline – thanks to their flexibility, a foam pig will usually find its way through your pipe network without fuss. Therefore, they make for ideal inspection tools, or for testing the run of your pipeline.

It’s important to remember that there are more than just foam pigs available from Pigtek too; we specialise in a wide array of professional, bespoke designed pipeline cleaning tools, and with our resources means that you can be sure that no matter the length of your pipes, and no matter the extent of any damage or debris that’s in place, we will have a solution to hand that will get your pipes clean and clear in no time.

If you’d like to know more about flexible, industrial pipeline cleaning that’s always easy to arrange, be sure to call or email Pigtek now. We’ll set up a consultation with you to help get your pipes back on track.