When it comes to inspecting, cleaning and re-evaluating pipelines, pigging technology is at the top of its game. However, to be able to use pigs properly, you are going to need to put the right equipment to good use. What’s more, you will undoubtedly benefit from leading experts in the field who can make sure your pipelines are safely cleaned and managed from task to task. But where on earth do you start when it comes to pipeline pigging? Which pigs are best to use, and what sport of pig handling equipment should you use to get the best results?

Getting started in pigging may seem tricky. However, with the best tools to hand, you’re always going to get fantastic results. What’s more, you can always leave the trickier side of pipeline inspection and cleaning to our team here at Pigtek! In any case, here is a quick look at some of the best pig handling equipment available from job to job.

Hydraulic Pig Loading Tray for pig diameters from 24" to 32"

Pig Loading Trays

It’s safe to say that just sending a pig down a pipeline is never going to suffice on its own. You are going to need to introduce pigs into your pipeline in a safe, manageable and efficient way. What’s more, never try and take on any of this hassle on your own! At Pigtek, we offer flexible, bespoke pig loading trays. Built to fit and support pigs of all shapes and sizes, these units are fantastic for making sure that a pig is safely deployed down your pipeline, whether it is for inspection, cleaning, desalination or otherwise.

We dare say that taking on a pigging job without a loading tray is going to result in a less efficient process. Failure to load or deploy a pig properly could cause strain or injury, and what’s more, it could even affect the pipeline itself. With this in mind, you must consult a pigging expert regarding loading trays and handling equipment before any job begins. Don’t worry – we will make sure you are covered. These trays can be adjustable, too – meaning that they are some of the most flexible pig handling equipment around.

Pneumatic Winching

It’s safe to say that not all pigs are going to be lightweight or simple to carry around. For that reason, we use hydraulic and pneumatic technology to carefully lift, lower and deploy pigs via pipelines of all sizes and complexities. This way, there is never a risk of injury or straining. What’s more, it means that we can safely deploy and dispatch a pig, as well as safely remove it at the point of exit. It’s a great way to get heavy-duty pigging off the ground and down the pipes where they are needed.

Take a look, too, at some of our manual pig handling equipment. If it is deemed safer to handle pigs by hand, we will encourage you take this course of action. However, in some cases, there will always be a need for automated or hydraulic control. We offer bespoke pigs and bespoke pigging technology – so why shouldn’t our handling equipment follow suit?

Pig and tray designed for powder recovery at a chemical works

The Importance of Proper Handling Equipment

The importance of using proper pig handling equipment shouldn’t be understated. It is a matter of health and safety above all else! This means that we always encourage you to consult our team if you have any problems with the process. As stated, we never expect you to undertake any of the pigging or the process yourself. However, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with some of the tools and equipment used to get pigs off the ground and down the pipes.

We want to make sure that we are transparent in everything we do. Therefore, you can always ask to take a look at some of the pigging technology and handling processes we undertake. After all, it’s your pipeline! You deserve to be kept informed at each step of the journey. It just makes sense!

Call The Team

Pipeline pigging starts by getting in touch with a talented team who can develop fantastic resources and set up the perfect program for you. Pigtek are world leaders in both pig design and in pig deployment. This means that we will always have a bespoke solution tailored to your needs. It all starts with you making a call to our team to find out more.

Is your pipeline in need of cleaning or inspection? Trust an experienced team with all the right tools and expertise, by giving us a call on +44 (0) 1246 850220.