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You may be considering using pigs for pipeline cleaning for the first time and are wondering what benefits you can look forward to from these innovative and essential feats of engineering! But why are these pipeline cleaning methods so popular? Here are a few reasons why:


Cleaning your pipelines

One of the primary purposes of pipeline pigging is to clean the inside of the pipelines. As the pigs push through the pipelines, they scrape off any of the extra grime and build-up that cover the inside walls. Cleaning the pipelines is essential for their longevity and productivity.

Of course, the best way to ensure that the pigs are scraping the walls properly, without damaging them, is by deploying pigs that were specifically designed for your pipeline’s dimensions and needs. Some pigs can even be deployed with specific brushes and de-waxing materials to help to clean the inside of the pipeline better. Pigs for pipeline cleaning come in all shapes and sizes, too.


Get rid of any obstructing objects

Along with cleaning the inside walls of the pipelines, pigs are also highly efficient at pushing through any obstacles that are blocking the productivity line. Plenty of objects and other things can block up a pipeline over time, therefore reducing productivity and potentially causing severe damage. Sometimes, that can include pigs themselves that have become blocked on strong debris or due to other things. If that is the case, then a rescue pig will be sent through the line to free them.


Prevent any serious damage

Blocking objects, grime, and dirt build-up can easily damage a pipeline over time. Of course, other exterior factors can also significantly impact on a pipeline’s solidity and longevity. As the pig travels, it will be able to detect any minor or major damages that could have occurred inside of the pipeline before they are evident to those on the exterior. In general, this could help you save a lot of time, worry, and money. Using pigs for pipeline cleaning can really help reduce hassle.

Clear acrylic flanges on wye-piece and tee for viewing pig during trials

Prevent any environmental damage

As you may know, damaged pipelines can cause severe environmental problems, which can end up being permanent issues. Even minor damages can cause an immense amount of trouble; however, pipeline pigs will also help to prevent more significant problems. There will not only be an avalanche of issues regarding the surrounding life for environmental damage, but it will also bring a hefty fine or two.

In order to avoid any environmental damage, it is up to the owner of the pipeline to ensure that they receive regular checks with professional pigs.


Save you money

As you can see, pigs can end up saving you a lot of money over time. Not only will they increase the productivity of the pipeline by ensuring that it is clean of debris, grime, and dirt, it will also help to detect any cracks, holes, or other problems which could cost a fortune in repairs and fines. By using pipeline pigs regularly, you will save money in the long run, by investing in something that will keep your pipeline running as smoothly and for as long as possible.


Save you time

In the pipeline business, you will already know that time is money. With productivity slowing down or potentially coming to a halt with damages that will need significant repairs, using pipeline pigs could end up saving you a lot of time in the future.

Even the content of the pipes being slowed down due to the build-up on the walls will affect your profits over time. Although it may seem minor at first, the build-up will only increase, and it can go very quickly. The cleaning pigs will help just as much by cleaning as they will by alerting you about any issues.


Increase your profits

By saving you money, pipeline pigging can also increase your profits in ways that you may not have even considered yet. Not only will it help to increase productivity, but it will also help you to reduce labour expenses, as well as reducing disposal expenses.

Compared to other pipeline companies, by using pigs, you can ensure that your pipelines are consistently functioning at the highest level. You’re really going to need the best pipeline cleaning equipment to make a difference!

World larget pipeline pig at the side of two large cars


Pipeline pigs have proven how beneficial they are to pipes and their companies since their very beginning. However, a crucial part of their efficiency comes from hiring the right pig company!

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