When it comes to pigging equipment and pipeline cleaning, pigs alone aren’t the only items that you will need. In fact, there is multiple essential pipeline-pigging equipment for every job.

Pigtek is proud to host over 200 heavy-duty pigs to suit any size pipeline, and of course, the equipment necessary to get them to do their jobs properly!

Here are a few different kinds of pigs and other equipment that you should consider for your pipelines.


Brush Cleaning Pigs

Pigging equipment - Magnetic Cleaning Pig removed from a pipeline

One of our most frequent pigging equipment hires is the brush cleaning pig. This type of pig is ideal for scrubbing clean the inside walls of pipelines. They are extremely efficient at removing black powder (usually found in gas pipelines), sand, sludge, debris, and even wax.

Pigtek’s brush-cleaning pigs all offer 360° cleaning and come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no pipeline they won’t fit.

We can provide circular, block and even pencil-type brushes, depending on our clients’ needs.

Obviously, properly maintaining a pipeline is key for safety, efficiency, and productivity. Brush cleaning pigs are frequently hired for a reason – they are the best at ensuring your pipelines are clean and can be used regularly without greatly impacting your overall productivity.


Dual Module Pigs

Dual module pigs are essential for pipelines that need more intense cleaning. They can also significantly reduce the amount of time needed to fulfil the cleaning brief.

At Pigtek, we ensure that our clients are only ever provided with the best pigging equipment to clean deeply and efficiently. That’s why our dual-module pigs use both ball and universal joints designed in-house. The joints are used to secure two pigs together, providing twice the cleaning capability and time efficiency.

Our dual-module pigs have cleaned thousands and thousands of kilometres of pipelines across the globe – give them a go!


Pigtek De-Waxing PigsDe-Waxing Pigs

Anyone working with pipelines knows that wax can be a major issue. Although wax build-up is something to be expected in pipelines, it will significantly reduce the efficiency and productivity of the product flow if not handled promptly and efficiently. Moreover, it will end up costing a lot more for the product to be moved through the pipelines due to the wax slowing things down.

That’s why Pigtek designs perfect wax-removing pigs for any size of pipeline. Our pigs are capable of removing soft, medium and hard wax on request. Of course, for the harder wax, also known as Asphaltenes, Pigtek suggests using HDRs (Hard Deposit Removal) – we’ll let you know when that’s necessary.


Rescue and Polly Pigs

As efficient as they are, pipeline pigging equipment can – sometimes – get stuck. Even though cleaning can continue with pigs inside, the debris that it has gathered up along the way will prevent the flow from continuing, thus costing more in energy, productivity, and money.

That’s why Pigtek provides Polly pigs or foam rescue pigs, that are used to track and locate stuck bodies. In some cases, a Polly pig is enough to move another stuck pig forward, thus releasing both of them in one fell swoop. However, in some cases, another pig must be sent in to push the other two through, at which point tracking becomes crucial.


State of the Art Magnetic PackagesMagnetic Pig Tracking

Of course, in order to quickly locate stuck pigs, magnetic pig tracking equipment can come in very handy indeed. Pigtek has state of the art tracking hardware to hand, which uses magnetic fields to determine when and where a pig passes a sensor during its journey through a pipeline.

This is completely portable equipment, meaning that even if your pipeline is long or complex, we can still be on hand to track and trace your pigs on route.


Pigging Equipment Conclusion

Pipeline pigging equipment are essential for cleaning, inspecting and maintaining pipelines of all shapes and sizes. Ensuring that you have all of the right tools to help monitor and manage your pipeline pigs is essential – which is why it is always a good idea to have Pigtek on side!

At Pigtek, we’re delighted to have specialised in the design, creation, and distribution of pigs and all necessary tools surrounding pigs for many years.

We have worked with a wide array of pipeline-dependent firms and brands around the world – and continue to be a leading name in pig design deployment and tracking.

If you are interested in taking better care of your pipelines with pigs, then please contact us on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or e-mail us at sales@pigtek.com to learn more.

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