All pipelines, no matter their size, shape, length or purpose, need to be kept as clear as possible – it’s essential that product can flow through easily and efficiently so that demand can be met and so that no detriments to your business occur – either through loss of revenue or through harm to your reputation.  But just how harmful can wax be?  You may be surprised – and relieved to hear that it is a problem that can easily be remedied thanks to cleaning and de-waxing pigs.

What happens when it builds up?

28" Pig following cleaning of HFO pipelineWax build-up in pipelines of all lengths and sizes can have a huge knock-on effect at both ends of the supply chain, as it not only means that the space for product to flow through becomes restricted, but it also means that more money and effort will need to be spent on exerting further energy to push certain product through.  This can certainly be said of the crude oil industry, where costs are more likely to escalate as a result of having to force more product through to meet consumer demand.

There is also much to be said for friction that wax can cause when attempting to push product through – uneven wax deposits can cause uneven or turbulent flow of product through pipelines, which may cause further problems at both ends of the chain.  Essentially, wax build-up can make the difference between an efficient and fully-functional pipeline and one which needs constant supervision.  A pipeline plugged with uneven and harmful wax deposits should never be lived with or worked with as the potential costs for your business could increase dramatically overnight.

How to resolve the issue

There is no need to have to put up with wax build-up or regular deposits – regular pigging will ensure that your pipeline is clear, clean and ready to transport liquid and product to your customers at minimal cost – meaning that prevention is also far more effective than a short-term cure. Pigtek provide a wide range of bespoke pigs and attachable tools to clean pipelines of all diameters and our specialist de-waxing pigs allow us to thoroughly assess and remove medium wax with ease – and with heavier wax deposits, we can arrange a long-term plan to ensure that your pipelines benefit from consistent product flow for months and years to come.  All you ever need is to send pig down the pipes on a regular basis to make sure that everything is ticking over as it should be.

If you’re witnessing regular wax problems in your pipelines, are in need of a detailed consultation or would like to know more about how pigging can improve the efficiency of your pipe network, you can get in contact with Pigtek Ltd, either call us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us via our web form – we will be happy to arrange a consultation or quote with you at your convenience.  Why put up with the hassle of blocked and uneven pipelines when regular pigging can help you keep your customers happy and your revenue safe?

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