An Important use of the Pipeline PigLarge Pipeline

There are various jobs that a pipeline pig can do – cleaning, inspecting and more besides – but one of the most important jobs a pig can do is the gauging of a pipeline.  Before you send any pipeline pigs down to clean or inspect, it is important to ascertain whether or not your pipeline is fit for pigging purpose.  While some firms may wish to proceed with immediate inspection and/or cleaning, Pigtek always recommends pipeline gauging in each and every case.  If you’re new to pipeline pigging at all, it may not be too clear as to why this is the case.  We are, however, always happy to help introduce firms to the basics of pigging – and the best ways in which they can help make their pipe networks run more efficiently for years to come.

Ensures Clear Pipe Networks

Pipeline gauging revolves around the act of ensuring that pipe networks are clear for cleaning and inspection devices to be provisioned.  Essentially, it is comprehensive pre-checking which ensures that a pipeline is fit and ready for certain devices to be provisioned.  Even light cleaning pigs require support in getting moving – and as we always ensure to make sure our pigs fit pipelines to a bespoke standards, we endeavour to introduce gauging as soon as possible to each and every one of our clients.  This process allows us to ascertain whether or not a pipeline is stable enough for pigging to begin, and whether or not further support is required.

Find out whether a Pipeline is fit for Pigging PurposePipeline

During pipeline gauging, a specialist pig will be fitted with aluminium plating so that they can easily sweep out minimal debris and ascertain whether or not other pigs can safely travel along without there being any risk of loss or damage.  These pigs do undertake a modicum of cleaning along the way, and are provisioned to fit the diameter of any pipeline unit – meaning that we will be able to find out whether or not a pipeline is fit for pigging purpose with minimal inspection.

Improve the efficiency of your cleaning and inspection

Pipeline gauging is always recommended if you wish for cleaning and inspection pigs to perform at their most efficient – and as we work on a bespoke basis with all of our clients, we will always make sure to thoroughly check and analyse pipe networks no matter how long nor how complex they may be.  Gauging pigs will also flush out any built-up debris with ease – meaning that you can rely upon us to make sure your pipeline is ready and prepared before any deeper cleaning.

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