Whether for maintenance purposes or to help clean a particularly difficult pipeline, magnetic cleaning pigs are particularly effective, especially when handling large or complex pipes which are otherwise impossible to gain access to.  Regular cleaning with magnetic cleaning pigs prevents future corrosion within the pipeline and can help improve the efficiency and product flow of the pipe work in question, making such maintenance essential if you are providing a public service.

Pigtek have created and provided heavy duty magnetic cleaning pigs for a wide range of high profile clients in recent history, including a pre-inspection cleaning pig for a major oil company via a 28” pipeline.  Our client provides essential fuel throughout the UK and therefore require regular pipeline maintenance and inspection to ensure that their product flows freely and efficiently on a constant basis.

Consulting with the clientsspecialist-pig-design-2

We consulted with our client to provide an intelligent pigging cleaning service via their 28 inch diameter pipeline in order to remove debris and deposits that will have both interrupted the flow of the product, and will have even contributed to running costs long-term.  If the pipeline had been left without inspection, increased demand on internal pumps will likely have increased, and internal debris and build-up will likely have forced the flow of the product to become uneven and difficult to control.  Therefore, Pigtek were able to ensure that our client’s product could run freely and without heightened costs via a cost-effective and conclusive intelligent pigging solution.

The cleaning pig used in this scenario utilised bi-directional discs and magnetic packages to help encourage thorough debris pick-up and internal pipe scrubbing.  This pig was designed to both remain centralised throughout its journey and to push stubborn wax and deposits to the front of the device, so that any rogue debris may be safely and efficiently pushed clear through the pipeline – leaving no trace of any potentially unwanted material behind.  This pig was designed to clean, hold and push forward any rogue material that could have interrupted the flow of the product during future use.

Pigtek’s success to increasing pipeline efficiency

Pigtek’s consultation resulted in markedly increased efficiency in our client’s product delivery, adhering to the company’s strict safety and environmental policies ahead of schedule – we were able to remove a considerable amount of wax and debris that would likely have heightened running costs for the company and may even have slowed down profits long-term.  It is our product innovation as much as our dedication and support that makes us a cornerstone of the pipeline industry, and we are always grateful for the work we complete with our clients.

For pigging supplies, consultation and innovations that are world-renowned and industry-approved, Pigtek will be happy to help.  Simply call or email today and one of our team will discuss any concerns you may have and the tools we will need to make sure that your pipelines run smoothly, safely and efficiently for years to come.

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