Series of Water PipesFor businesses and services that provide water or product to communities through pipelines, the need to keep a clean and efficient pipe network is absolutely essential.  This isn’t so much about keeping your business ticking over and making sure that you continue to oversee a healthy revenue – it’s about making sure that the people who need your services and product continue to receive what they need from you at an efficient pace and in plentiful amounts. Anyone who operates a pipeline or pipe network will already know that dirt and debris can really build up quickly within the inner walling – and up until the emergence of pigging, cleaning and monitoring your pipes was previously a fairly tricky task.

How a Pipeline pig helps you

Pipeline cleaning and inspection is now easier than ever before thanks to movements in the pigging industry. Pipeline pigs can be designed and employed to make sure that pipelines of all sizes, lengths and complexities are thoroughly checked and maintained from start to finish – and what’s even better is that they can largely be left to autonomously do what they need to do.  Being proactive about using pigs, however – no matter what they may be used for – is always recommended.  You may feel that pigging at a later date solves all of your debris problems – but the reality is in fact that the sooner you get your pipeline analysed, the better.

Proactive Pigging helps in the short term as well

Large PipelineWhether you are operating a relatively new pipeline or if you have been transporting product for several years, keeping on top of cleaning your network is an absolute must. Debris and dirt may take time to build up, but even slight amounts can have a drastic effect upon the speed and volume of your processes.  This means that it is always worthwhile scheduling in a regular pigging session – cleaning thoroughly and, where possible, undertaking a major inspection to ensure that there are no blockages, cracks or problems along the way. This simply helps to make sure that both you and your clients are kept ticking over – as leaving everything to the last minute, especially cleaning can result in potentially dire consequences. Consider the following – is it better to nip cleaning concerns in the bud while they are minor, or to let things build up to the point where you have an even bigger job on your hands?  The choice is fairly clear – at least from where we are standing!

Pigtek Ltd are experts in pipeline cleaning, inspection and servicing – and no matter how extensive your pipe network may be and no matter how wide your tunnels stretch, we will be able to design, create and jettison a pig or two for your business to ensure that both you and your recipients can continue to receive the product you are proud to provide.  For more information on our services, call us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us via web form with a query – and we will be back in touch with you.

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