Advanced Pigging Solutions

While you may think that pipeline pigs come in just a handful of types and sizes, you may be surprised to learn that there is a genuine need to make sure that even the most advanced of pigging solutions fit and benefit the type of pipelines that they are to be used for. At Pigtek, we build and design pigs for a variety of purposes and measurements, and we do so with the diameter, length and needs of the client’s pipeline in constant mind. This means, therefore, that we need to perform strict testing and trialling on some of our more advanced pipeline pigs – particularly those which are depended upon to offer specific data and calculations – so that our products will arrive with the guarantee of a first-time success.

Built for Purpose

advanced pipeline cleaning

Trialling specialist and advanced pigs helps us to identify not only if there are any flaws in their design, but also to see if there are any modifications that need to be made to enhance their overall performance. Clients will approach us with detailed briefs on the pipeline specifications and their particular needs – for example, if we are aware that a given pipe network is experiencing heavy debris collection, we will need to ensure that we build a pig fit to thoroughly clean the inside of the pipe from start to finish, and to collect any potentially harmful debris along the way. The same pigging may require data collection, through which we will ensure pigs used carry specific technology and tracking assists to ensure that they can be monitored every step of their journey. These types of investigatory pigs are particularly useful for long and complex pipelines which would otherwise require intense effort to investigate through human hands alone.

Testing our Equipment

advanced pipeline cleaning

We initially design our equipment using 3D CAD systems, then if required we will trial our advanced pigs through test rigs or on smaller-scale winch systems to make sure that they are ready to perform to the standards that our clients expect – and need. At Pigtek, we focus on tackling a problem or a project head-on, with the assurance that the best results are provided on the first try. If pigs do not result in providing the client with the data they need, for example, we will openly discuss ways to improve pipeline efficiency and how we can potentially amend our pigs further for a second run. This, however, is very rare – as our intensive trialling and mock pigging scenarios frequently provide pipelines of all sizes with first-time solutions. It’s important to try anything out before you go ahead for real – and with pigging, it’s a case of ensuring that our bespoke designs are fit to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Need our help?

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