There are many different types of pig for many different pipelines uses – here at Pigtek, we dare say that no two pigs are actually quite the same – and this is because every pipeline and every need is different, too.  Pigging is a precise science – ahead of deployment, we make sure that we stringently design and test any models that we are likely to deploy or offer to clients so that we know that they will be able to do their jobs well.  Pipeline pigs can be built and deployed to investigate pipelines, remove dirt and debris, to compile detailed reportsCleaning a pipeline pig and more besides – they are versatile allies in pipe network maintenance and, as such, we rely on them to be as accurate and as efficient as possible.

What is Pipeline Pig Verification?

Accuracy and efficiency only comes about thanks to thorough testing and analysis.  In the pigging world, we call the process of testing and analysing a potential pig’s performance ‘verification’.  Verifying your pig means to put an advanced design through tests and trials to ensure that any given model is able to travel through a potentially complex design and to cope with a number of different factors and events which may arise.  Trials of this nature are perfect for looking at areas for improvement – for analysing ways in which a pipeline pig is not performing the way it is expected to.  Rather than deploy a pig through a pipeline as part of a live test, we strongly recommend and advise on pig verification – as we will be able to deploy models via test rigging and courses in order to better emulate the sort of environment and problems pigs are likely to face en-route.

Pigtek pigs

Making Sure That You Have the Right Pipeline Pig for the Job

Verification can be attempted on smaller or larger scales as per the needs of the client and the job of the pig itself.  With careful testing, we will therefore be able to confidently deploy a specific pig for any purpose into a given pipeline or pipe network.  All advanced pigs we design for customers are manufactured and provided on a bespoke basis, meaning that you are also already benefitting from a unique model which is shaped and streamlined to provide your specific network with the assistance you require.  In the world of pipeline maintenance and investigation, a catch-all pig is simply not going to suffice.

Verifying your pig means testing it out, thoroughly, in a controlled environment – so that its general performance and its power under pressure can be analysed before it ‘goes live’.  There are considerable risks in launching a pig freshly into a live pipeline without verification – and here at Pigtek Ltd, we can assure you that thorough checks and measures have only helped us along the way in becoming one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of bespoke pig designs and solutions.

If you are in need of a verified pig for any pipeline purpose, call our team today for more details on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us with any queries you may have in the meantime.