Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 14in and 16inBefore the emergence of pipeline pigging, the cleaning and inspection of pipelines was a considerable task – as pipelines vary in length, size, diameter and in terms of networking – meaning that the arrival of cleaning pigs was considerably beneficial to industries worldwide.  Cleaning and inspection pigs, too, come in all shapes and sizes – and they are also fitted with a varied range of tools and fixtures to help tackle any internal problems or tasks required by a pipeline operator with ease.  One of the most popular and most effective forms of cleaning pigs is the brush cleaning pig, which, too, can come in a variety of forms and styles – available for sale or hire depending on job requirements and business needs.


What do these pipeline cleaning machines do?

Brush cleaning pigs are particularly efficient at ensuring that debris, sludge and sand deposits are removed from the internal walls of even the trickiest of pipeline networks – and they can be used to help maintain and ensure the flow of product long-term.  Using a brush cleaning pig will prepare your pipeline for a future of smooth, high quality product flow that will satisfy demand and will ensure that your business continues to provide without fear of interruption from internal blockages.

The arrangement of brushes on a brush cleaning pig will vary from job to job and from client to client, depending upon bespoke requirements – but Pigtek Ltd provide internal pipewall cleaning via brushes that offer 360 degree coverage.  This means that, no matter the type of brush cleaning pigs you purchase or hire, they will be ready to tackle every last inch of the internal pipewall regardless of network length and regardless of how much debris needs to be removed.  While Pigtek Ltd generally offer circular brushes through the range of pig diameters we have available, there are two other types of brush that can be fitted to pigs to help tackle dirt and debris effectively.

Different types of brushes on cleaning pigs

Pencil type brushes, which are less common than circular brushes but provide high quality debris removal at pinpoint range, can be fitted to either the main body of cleaning pigs or in the form of a ring at the rear of the device.  This is a handy alternative to circular brushes that can be used in the event of particularly stubborn or heavy debris to help increase product flow efficiency.

Block brushes, too, are incredibly effective.  These are normally fitted to large diameter pigs and can be used to deep and thorough cleaning, and similar brushes can be found on smart pigs used to analyse pipelines in further detail.  Block brushes, too, can be applied to offer 360 degree cleaning coverage, as they can be mounted to brackets and overlapped.

No matter the shape, length nor diameter of your pipeline, Pigtek Ltd can help improve the efficiency of your product flow with a bespoke brush cleaning pig – for more information on our products and how to order the right pig for your pipeline, contact us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220.

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