When running a pipeline, or when dependent on a complex pipe to help deliver water, oil, or other product, you’ll soon find that it can get tricky to maintain things from day to day. How on earth do you expect to keep things clean and clear when you can’t easily break down into your pipes? The answer will, of course, reside with pipeline pigging services.

But what exactly is pipeline pigging, and why is it likely to be your best choice for keeping your pipelines clean, clear, and up to scratch? Let’s take a closer look – and why you should always consult Pigtek for advice and guidance, as well as the best hardware for getting your pipes clean and clear for the years to come.


There’s No Better Way to Clean Your Pipes

Pig and tray designed for powder recovery at a chemical worksWhen it comes to running a large or complex pipeline, you will likely find that it’s impossible to get deep down into the nitty gritty. Unfortunately, when you have debris blocking your line, it’s not so easy to just take a part of your pipe out and to clean deeply into the interior. This is where pipeline pigging services come in.

Pipeline pigging allows you to deploy a cleaning pig or cylinder which will clean deeply down your pipeline. This means that you can deploy specialist pigs which are fitted with brushes and scrapers to help break down some of the trickier bits of dirt and debris.

What’s more, you can even use pipeline pigs to inspect and analyse your pipes, too. By using acoustic and/or magnetic technology, you can actively deploy a pig and track it from the outside.


It Helps to Keep Your Customers Safe

It’s safe to say that using regular pipeline pigging services will ensure your product is clean and clear for all to use. Even when dealing with oil or petroleum, it is essential to make sure everything you deliver is free from foreign bodies.

This is, of course, most true for water delivery pipes. If you are providing water for cleaning or drinking, you must make sure there are no bits and pieces likely to float through. Not only that, but you may even be running a desalination service in the first place!

Therefore, it pays to have some form of cleaning and pigging solution in place to make sure that everything gets through as you expect it to.


It’ll Keep Things Efficient

Unfortunately, debris and dirt which clogs up on the inner walls of your pipeline will help to slow things down. When you have customers waiting for product around the clock, the last thing you’re going to need is something in the pipes that’s holding you back.

As there’s no clear way for you to see what might be causing the blockage, it’s key that you deploy something which can safely analyse it and dislodge it at the same time. Therefore, pigging is the way forward.

A pig designed purely for your pipeline will help to remove anything that’s slowing you down. That’s why it’s so important to look for a pigging service which will design and deploy a solution that’s completely unique to you.


Pigtek are Leading Innovators

Pigtek HDR Pin Pig with Tow PigPigtek is world-renowned for being a leading name in designing and building the best in pigging technology. The brand is well-known for designing the biggest pipeline pig of all time – and what’s more, we have continued to design and deploy unique tools to help with even the most complex of needs.

We want to make sure that each of our customers benefits from a fantastic solution for pipeline cleaning and inspection. Crucially, if you leave your pipeline to dwindle over time, you are going to quickly find that it is going to start driving down your customer satisfaction, and therefore your revenue and reputation. Are these things which you can really stand to risk?

Pigtek loves a challenge – we are here to carefully analyse and produce solutions to all your pipeline cleaning woes. Therefore, why not consult our team for more information on how we can help to keep your pipes performing as you expect them to?

Whether you need a one off clean or a deeper inspection, it all starts with a quick call to Pigtek on +44 (0) 1246 850220. Or, make sure to contact us via web form and we will get back in touch with you.

Don’t let your customers down! Arrange regular pipeline pigging services and make a real difference to your clientele.