Here at Pigtek, we’re more than aware that no two pipelines are the same – and this is especially true of the oil industry, which is of course responsible for the collection, dispersal and delivery of essential fuel for homes and businesses throughout the world.  With different pipelines of varying sizes and complexities comes the need for a flexible approach to pigging – as one cleaning pig will certainly not tackle or fit all!  Let’s take a quick look at the different types of pipeline running in the oil industry and why they each need a separate approach to proving and cleaning.

Gathering PipelinesPipeline Cleaning

Gathering pipelines work from the source to provide raw product to processing plants.  It’s therefore likely that these pipe networks will be thick in a combination of natural product, gas and more besides – meaning that thorough proving, analysis and pre-cleaning will be required on a regular basis. Keeping these pipelines clear from any debris is extremely important as it’s that essential first step of the process – and our heavy oil pipeline pigs are designed with gathering networks in mind.

Feeder Pipelines

The next type of pipeline in the chain is the feeder, which essentially delivers everything usable that’s been filtered out at the facility out into distribution networks.  These pipelines need to be efficient and optimised for regular product traffic as demand continues, making it especially important that pigs prove their way through on a number of passes to ensure that speed is maximised.  There’s less risk of clogs and debris here, meaning that more intensive pigs can be reserved for the gathering networks – but these pipelines need pigs that can be used to investigate and report.

Transmission and Distribution Pipelines

J Tube Pig with Stainless Steel Brushes

Of all the pipelines in the oil industry, these are arguably the most important to the customer, and they’re often the longest.  This is where the refined product will be delivered in the form of oil and gas to businesses and homes, making product fit for public consumption.  These pipelines must be cleaned thoroughly and proven far in advance to prevent any risk of disruption to the provision of supply – and as these pipelines are so advanced and so extensive, they arguably need more time than any other network in the trade.  It’s important that the public receives pure, usable fuel – and this will need a range of heavy-duty, long range pigs and tracking systems to ensure that everything is checked over to acceptable standards.

There’s no such thing as one pig fitting all – and here at Pigtek, we create and provision pigs for pipelines of all shapes and sizes, with a bespoke view to create a unique solution for each and every client.  If you operate within the oil industry and are in need of specialised pigging to keep your product flowing freely and safely to refineries and customers along the chain, call us today without obligation on 01246 850220 – or email with a query and we will be back in touch with you.

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