Pigging has revolutionised the way in which we monitor, clean and inspect our pipelines – no matter how complex and no matter the length or type of product sent through them – but there may be circumstances where even the most advanced pig can find itself wedged, caught or blocked in the flow or in a restriction.  This can particularly occur if you are sending a pig through a debris affected pipeline in need of thorough cleaning for the first time – and it can be disastrous for anyone looking to have a good clear-out for the good of their business.

What if you lose one?

Rescue Pig fitted with by-pass valve protector nose to front and location transmitter to rearBut what can you do if a pig of any kind gets lost in the network?  What if it’s not a pig that can be easy monitored or located along the pipeline?  What if there’s no means by which you can remove the pig safely and without disrupting the flow of your business for you and your customers?  There’s no need to panic – as there are ways and means for any pig of any shape, size or purpose to be easily located and retrieved with minimal disruption.  No one wants a stuck pig in their pipeline – but should this ever occur, all you ever need do is call on the aid of a rescue pig.

A rescue pig does exactly what its title suggests – it’s an emergency service for stuck pigs that can ensure your pipeline is cleared out and that the original pig finishes its job.  A rescue pig can only be sent down a pipeline if product flow is available, as it will need to be able to travel through and make contact against the existing, missing pig in order for it to bond a seal – and with this bonding, pressure from the flow of product will enable it to push it along and towards its final destination.  Rescue pigs should generally be fitted with tracking technology so that any problems of locating the device can be avoided all costs

Can’t that one get lost too?

But what if a rescue pig gets stuck, too?  Is this double the problem?  While this circumstance is particularly rare, Pigtek are proud to offer an even further solution to such problems.  Our Pigtek Advanced Bypass Pig comes fitted with a pressure relief valve built-in, which will increase product flow and thus engage further with any stuck pigs to encourage them to be moved along – therefore preventing any long-term blockage from occurring.

We hope that no pigs ever get stuck in transit – but if they do, we have the ways and means to create a bespoke rescue pig for your pipeline to ensure that you have everything clear and moving along without disruption.  For more information on rescue pigs and the custom devices we can build around your pipe network, contact Pigtek Ltd today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us at your convenience for a quote – and we will be more than happy to work with you to ensure that your pipelines stay clear and flowing no matter the problem.