Drainage valves fitted to Desalination PigPipelines the world over are depended upon each and every second of the day to provide fresh water that is safe for human consumption – and as water from natural sources isn’t always fit to drink straight away, there needs to be a process in place to ensure that drinkers at the other end can stay refreshed without fear of becoming ill.  In the pipeline industry, desalination is arguably the most effective way of ensuring that water from natural sources reaches people from all over the world in a safe and consumable condition.

Desalination is, essentially, the removal of salt from water.  Salt water is, by nature, unfit for human consumption – and the vast majority of water in the outside world, short of clean springs or sources which have been modified – is going to contain an amount of salt which should not be considered fit to drink.  People and animals need clean water to survive – and this is why desalination pipeline pigging continues to offer such an essential support to pipe networks the world over.

Is Desalination Pigging working?

Drainage valves fitted to Desalination Pig

It’s been proven time and time again that desalination through pigging works – you only have to look at previous successes and scientific research itself to see that this is the case.  Communities the world over benefit from desalination pigging in that it is arguably the quickest, most reliable way to convert natural salt water into fresh, drinkable product – and, what’s more, salt and debris-free water is quickly dispatched, allowing for constant demand to be supplied to without slowing down.

Desalination allows us to take advantage of replenishable water – sea water and natural salt preserves will continue to replenish until long after we are gone, meaning that it makes efficient and economical sense to desalinate as much of the existing salt water product as we possibly can.  Pigging in this way also allows us to tap into a virtually unlimited reserve – while ensuring that naturally clean water preserved elsewhere can be retained.  Desalination pigging, essentially, allows us to take advantage of nature’s unlimited water without harming any consumers at the other end.

How does Pipeline Pigging help?

Desalination pigging is continuing to enable communities the world overt to receive clean water on a constant basis.  Of all the demands in the world – water will always be needed.  Therefore, it makes logical sense for any and all pipe networks to prepare for product delivery that is smooth, efficient, and salt-free – and the very best way to make sure that this is the case is through pipeline pigging.  Pigs that are custom-built and fitted for pipe networks of all lengths and complexities can ensure that product remains clean and consumable – and what’s more, it is a process that is efficient and easily attainable.

Pigtek Ltd are world leaders in pipeline pigging technology – and we’re always happy to share our knowledge and bespoke support with new clients.  If you have a desalination query or would like to know more about our pigging services, do contact us further via web form below or call us on 01246 850220 at your convenience.

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