No pipelines last forever, no matter what you may put through them – whether you are supplying oil, water, or other product – and it is essential that all pipelines are inspected and maintained regularly both for safety and for business reasons – after all, a pipeline that does not provide product efficiently and safely is hardly going to be worthy of the customer’s interest at the other end of the chain. Maintaining a pipeline – ensuring that it was free from rust, internal debris, cracks, blockages or other erosion – used to be a fairly difficult process, certainly for longer or more complex pipe networks, where it was often impossible to detect where problems may have been occurring without dedicating much time, effort and wasted revenue. With the dawn of pipeline pigging, however, the process now runs a whole lot smoother.

Types of Pigs

Further assessment of a Dual Diameter PigPipeline pigs can be used to maintain and monitor pipe networks in a wealth of different ways – not only can they be used to eradicate short-term problems, but they can also be utilised to help plot, plan and arrange for long-term treatments and analysis. If you are experience regular blockages, regular pigging will not only remove the offending debris, but can also identify why such blocking is occurring so often. Similarly, smart pigs – custom designed and built to analyse pipeline intricacies and problems further down the network – come in handy for ensuring that you can prolong the life of your pipes for as long as possible. After all, a pipeline that only works well in the short term is hardly going to be worth time and money invested. Pigging looks down the pipes to make sure everything is ticking over as it should be – meaning that it provides one less hassle and far less expense in the long term.

Who we Supply

Corrosion, debris and erosion can all affect the working life of a pipeline and are therefore highly sought after when inspecting pipe networks in deeper detail. Pigtek design and supply pigs for almost any pipeline, meaning that you can order intelligent and multi-functional pigging supplies no matter what the need may be and no matter what your pipeline network may look like. Maintaining a functional pipeline is essential to ensuring that your customers are safe and satisfied – and it also makes sure that your time is spent on your business where it needs you the most – and this is never likely to be looking into pipeline intricacies when a pig can do the job for you with ease and at a competitive rate.

Pigtek are pioneers in the design and provision of bespoke pigging supplies and technology, having provided the world’s largest pig amongst thousands of others – for more information on how we can help you and your customers, contact us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us via web form at your convenience! We will be happy to share our knowledge and discuss any concerns you may have regarding pipelines and pigging at your convenience.