If you already depend on a pipeline for your business services, you already likely know how complex it can be.  Pipe networks are fantastic for making sure all the product you need to supply to the public reaches them as expected.  But what happens if you need to keep your pipelines clean?  As you can imagine, it’s not always going to be easy to see what’s going on in the pipes if you don’t have some clever way of getting deep into them.  That’s why so many companies rely on pipeline cleaning and, before that, pipeline gauging, which can ensure that inspections and deep cleans can go ahead.

Here at Pigtek, we specialise in a huge variety of specialist pipeline care and support.  We are world leaders in pipeline care, which means that businesses from all corners of the globe come to us for advice and physical tools.  Our pipeline pigs are custom-designed, which means they will fit the specific inner diameters of your piping without there being any risk of blockage or squeeze.

A Little Bit About Pipeline Gauging

Gauge Plate prior to pig run

It is likely that you’ve heard about pipeline cleaning before, but what exactly is gauging?  Gauging of a pipeline requires you to check how likely it is that you can send a cleaning pig or other services down the line to undergo deep analysis.  Essentially, the role of a gauging pig is to take on reconnaissance.  Pipeline gauging, ultimately, lets you gauge what you are working with.  As you can imagine, you can gauge very little from the other side of a pipe, which is why you need a specialist pig to travel down and collect data for you.

Using a gauging pig, we will fit aluminium plates, magnets and communicators.  This means that they will be easy to track either via analogue or digital devices on the other side.  There is simply no guesswork involved.  Some tougher pigs, those such as flexi-cupped pigs, come with a variety of different discs and widgets.  These are perfect for looking closely at pipeline inners and will also allow you to easily track what’s going on.  Crucially, the point of a gauging pig is to make sure the way is clear for other cleaning pigs and tools to head on down.


How Pipeline Gauging Can Benefit You

We recommend pipeline gauging to all our customers.  Gauging is crucial if you want to make sure that anything internal likely to be blocking product flow is accounted for.  Gauging your pipeline will also help you to give it a preliminary clean.  This means you can lift some of the primary dirt and debris on route, before passing through an advanced pig shortly after.  Think of pipeline gauge as preliminary checking before you take on any additional tools and services.

You may not need deeper cleans once your pipeline gauging is complete.  However, this isn’t always going to be a guarantee.  We therefore always advise you to look into cleaning pigs and other services should you need them.  After all, we can build bespoke systems and services based on very little data.  Surely it’s time to take advantage!

Why Gauge and Clean Pipelines?

advanced bypass pig

Crucially, it’s important for you to learn more about why you should clean pipelines on a regular basis.  Ultimately, if you don’t take care of your pipes, they can clog up and become difficult to use regularly.  This is going to irritate customers and potentially lose you money.

You should also think about the quality of product you send through your pipelines.  Debris and dirt, as well as salt from sea water, for example, can contaminate product.  Pipeline gauging can help to make sure that anything you put through your pipes is clean and safe to consume.  You may not anything drinkable through your pipes, but at the same time, it makes sense to ensure you are delivering the purest products.

Why Choose Pigtek?

Pigtek is a leading name in global pig design and deployment.  Therefore, you can rely on our team to help build you the perfect pig for a variety of needs.  We will build a pig based on your pipeline in no time at all.  The benefits, of course, are that you can ensure your pipes are clean and clear for regular use for months to come.

You should check in with us regularly for cleaning as and when you need it.  However, make sure to keep on top of things with pipeline gauging to run a thorough inspection.  Call us now on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or book online for a free consultation.