Some pipeline work is going to need more than a casual observation.  No two pipeline networks are the same, after all, and it is on this basis that custom pigs and pigging equipment are needed to ensure that even the tightest gaps and trickiest of manoeuvres are tackled with ease.  If you run a pipeline network and are in regular need of inspection or cleaning to ensure that your product always meets your client on time and to expectation, it’s highly likely you’ll already be well aware of pigging and its benefits – but you may not have already considered specialist pigging, and why it is always important to opt for a ‘dry run’ before jumping in feet-first.

Pigtek have been designing and providing specialist bespoke pigs and equipment to firms all over the world for considerable years – and, as such, we can be regarded as one of the frontrunners in pipeline pig innovation and supply.  We understand that certain pipelines are going to require certain types of pigs to ensure that they are clear and fit for purpose – meaning that a one-size-fits-all solution is never going to satisfy your needs.

Debris build-up

Often, too, you may find that an internal build-up of debris or deposits within your pipeline simply isn’t moving with the assistance of a basic cleaning pig.  You may also find, too, that your pipeline may need to utilise a specialist design as opposed to the existing pigs or tools you may have tried – meaning that you are going to need to consider taking on something a little more bespoke, and you are also going to benefit from trialling such equipment before you put it through your pipeline for real.

Specialist Pig DesignTrialling your pig design

Here at Pigtek, we highly recommend trialling any pig designs we create for you before putting them to use on your own pipe network.  While we are confident that our pigs are at the forefront of pipeline cleaning and investigation technology, what’s right for one pipeline or client may not be right for you.  Therefore, we offer a trialling service that ensures any pig designed and manufactured for you is verified and thoroughly tested before you introduce it into your network – this is so that any pig you release into your pipeline doesn’t cause any additional problems or aggravations when you’re attempting to carry out essential daily deliveries or other work.

Trying before you buy is always a sound strategy, and it is something that we certainly like to live by – we will never provide you nor any of our clients with equipment or pigs that fail to do the jobs you expect of them – it’s our duty to ensure that you receive the best possible tools for the job, and that your pipelines are maintained and investigated efficiently and effectively.  For more information on our pigging services and custom design service, please contact Pigtek today on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us with a more detailed query at your convenience.