pigging and pipeline cleaningKeeping close tabs on your pipeline can be difficult – no matter the size nor shape of your pipe network, it can be hard to monitor for problems and blockages on an ad hoc basis.  Arguably, any firm operating a pipeline service should invest in maintenance and cleaning processes which ensure that their networks are always up and running at the rate of efficiency necessary to be able to deliver the products to clients on time and to their satisfaction – but knowing exactly where to start when cleaning a pipeline is easier said than done, and knowing how to effectively track a cleaning pig is crucial.

Cleaning a pipeline or extended network is not simply as easy as sending a specialised pig through to do the work for you – while our pigs are designed and fabricated to order (so that it can work specifically for your pipeline), they are largely autonomous – but how do you keep track of where a pig is in your pipeline network, and why would you need to?  The fact of the matter is, there’s never any guarantee that your pipeline will be a straight run – in fact, unless you are operating an extremely new network that hasn’t been privy to heavy product flow, there is likely to be a requirement for the pipeline to be cleaned efficiently by high performance pigs.

Tracking your Pigging Solution

Critical cleaning of pipelines requires constant vigilance – for if a pig in use goes missing, gets stuck or even fails to function due to problems deriving from the pipeline condition, it can be extremely difficult to gain access to it – furthermore, as critical cleaning is essential to the smooth running and upkeep of a pipeline (hence ‘critical’), it is ideal to keep close quarters on any devices and pigs that you may be using along the way.  Blindly cleaning or maintaining your pipes is hardly recommended – in order to maintain a healthy, efficient and effective pipe network, you’re going to need to take the reins as much as possible and to establish whether or not your pipelines are ready to take on product as and when required.

Magnetic Tracking and Acoustic Monitoring

Pigtek design and create bespoke pigging solutions for pipelines of all shapes and sizes, and our critical cleaning technology is provided with tracking technology as standard – through magnetic tracking or acoustic monitoring.  This means that you will always be able to keep aware of where your pig is travelling and the of your pipeline’s cleaning status throughout the operation.  This means that the whole process becomes even more autonomous – and that you can attend to problems as soon as they arise, not risking being in the dark for even a second.

Pigtek have years of experience and expertise in creating, producing and provisioning pigging technology worldwide – meaning that if you are in need of tracking pigs that clean and revitalise your pipeline, no matter the length nor complexity, we will be on hand to help ensure that your clients receive product on time and to expectation.  Please call our team on +44 (0) 1246 850220 for more information, or email us via web form at your convenience!