Here at Pigtek, we specialize in a wide variety of different pigs and pipeline maintenance technology.  When you run a long or complex pipeline for business, it’s not always easy to keep it clean from the outside!  That’s why many of our customers and clients choose a specialist magnetic pig for cleaning purposes.  Even if you already know a thing or two about pipeline pigging, it still may not be too obvious how a magnet can help to get things clear of dirt and debris.

Therefore, do make sure to read on for the full lowdown!  No matter the size or complexity of your pipe network, we are confident we will find the best solution for your pipeline cleaning and maintenance needs.  But how might a magnetic pig help you?


State of the Art Magnetic Packages

What is a Magnetic Pig?

First, let’s take a look at what a magnetic pig actually is.  As the name suggests, it’s a pig fitted with an industrial magnet.  Simple, you might think!  However, as with all pipeline cleaning and maintenance concerns, each pig is going to be slightly different.  This is because we ensure to design and deploy bespoke models.  Unfortunately, one size does not fit all as far as pipelines are concerned!

A magnetic pig therefore benefits from a very specific design and shape.  Once we have the exact shape in place, we will simply deploy it down your pipeline, and it will help to clean up a whole host of nuisance blockages and debris.

But how, you might ask, does a magnet pick up on debris?  Surely brushes fitted to pigs will help to get rid of most dirt and mud, for example?  The fact is, a magnetic pig will help to clean up very specific debris.  Therefore, in a scenario where you also have plenty of mud or dirt clogging the pipeways, you may still need a brush pig to clean everything out.

However, that’s all without considering the specific benefits a magnetic pig can bring.  Let’s take a closer look.


The Benefits of Pigging with Magnets

A magnetic pig is perfect for helping to remove very specific types of debris and erosion.  For example, a pig fitted with an industrial magnet will carefully remove any bits and pieces which are considered ‘ferrous’.  Therefore, anything metallic, such as loose electrodes, or anything left behind during construction, can safely remove in just one or two passes.

Magnetic pigging is always a good idea.  Even if you’re fairly certain your blockages stem from sludge and dirt, you never really know what’s lurking in your pipes.  At least, you won’t unless you take it all to pieces!  We understand that, when you’re running a business, you’re never likely to have time to do this on your own!

Therefore, magnetic pigging allows you to take care of metal leftovers that are otherwise stubborn to remove.  We supply pigs with magnets for pipelines of at least six inches in diameter, though we can even pig pipes of huge diameters leading up to 56 inches.

Essentially, magnetic pigs do a lot more than your average cleaning pigs.  While standard cleaning pigs, such as those with brushes and other attachments, will make sure to sweep away any loose dust or debris likely to clog things up, a magnetic system will make sure to take care of anything ferrous that standard options might not pick up on.


Magnetic Cleaning Pig removed from a pipeline

When to Use a Magnetic Pig

We always recommend that you run a pig inspection and cleaning run regularly.  If you have just set up a pipeline after extensive construction work, you will need to make sure that you run a magnetic pig down to get all the leftover metal out of the pipes.

Crucially, anything metal left in your pipelines is not only going to cause a blockage, but is also going to cause a health hazard.  If, for example, you provide oil or water to customers, you’re at risk of contaminating your product.

Therefore, we always encourage you to opt for regular inspections and cleaning runs through pigging.  Pigtek helps small businesses and leading brands all over the country.


Book a Magnetic Pigging Run

Do you need a magnetic pig?  Whether you have a new pipeline or need help cleaning out an existing network, you need to get in touch with leading experts.  Pigtek is a global leader in pipeline cleaning and inspection.  Take a look at our services and book with us now via phone by calling +44 (0) 1246 850220 or web form.