While you may be confident with regard to the way your pipeline looks and operates, diving straight into supplying your customers is hardly recommended. Pipeline inspections are always a good idea regardless of how long you have been running your pipe network for – as not only can they help find hidden problems further down the line which may otherwise go unseen, they can also help you to understand how your pipeline network operates when it comes to supplying product to your end customers.


Be Prepared for Every Job

Magnetic Cleaning Pig with ferrous debris

A pipeline inspection is always recommended if you are about to deliver product to an end user for the first time, particularly if it had been some time since you have thoroughly checked and cleaned any pipes you may have in use.  Inspections can help ensure your pipes are completely clean and free from troublesome debris and build-up, meaning that any product you send down the pipes can flow freely without risk of there being any slowdown or contamination.  Certainly, from a public health and an efficient delivery perspective, pipeline inspections should be an asset to the way you run your business.


Test Your New System

Pipeline inspections are also highly recommended if you have yet to run a pigging operation for the first time.  While cleaning pigs designed to thoroughly scrub your pipelines will do the best job they possibly can, you are going to need to make sure that your pipe network is ready to accept any pigs at all!  Inspection pigs are the first of their kind we deploy for our customers.  This is because they are adept at mapping out the way a pipeline runs as well as spotting any troublesome blockages or areas within the network which otherwise require further attention.  Until pigs came along, going in-depth on a pipeline simply wasn’t simple at all – and a pre-inspection service can ensure we pick the right tools for the job, each and every time.


Improve Efficiency with Inspections

It is also worth opting for an inspection if you find that there are problems within your pipeline which are already slowing down your supply.  If you’re not sure what may be causing delays to your product delivery or its normally smooth process, it is time to start considering deploying an inspection pig to get to the bottom of the issue.  An inspection pig will offer comprehensive surveying results to let our team and you know exactly what’s at stake – and what, if anything, is recommend to fix any problems which may arise.


No matter the size, shape or length of your pipeline, it pays to get your network inspected, certainly before any cleaning pigs are sent down to bring everything back up to code for you!  If you haven’t undergone a pipeline inspection before, call us here at Pigtek Ltd today to learn more – call +44 (0) 1246 850220 – or email us if you have any specific concerns or queries which you would like for us to look at for you in further detail.  We design and provision pigs of all shapes and sizes for bespoke needs and pipelines!

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