Clear acrylic flanges on wye-piece and tee for viewing pig during trialsMaking sure that your pipelines stay up and running throughout the year can be tricky – especially if you have a large number of clients or customers expecting a regular service from you. We understand that pipe networks the world over, particularly those supplying water and oil, need to be depended upon 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – and this, of course, requires a pipeline that is primed and ready to deliver product at an efficient and high quality pace with minimal to no risk of downtime for any individual or business. This is why, here at Pigtek, we believe that all pipelines should be inspected, cleaned and attended to on a regular basis – and this is perhaps never more important during colder months, when potential damage is likely to escalate.

Knowing the risks of freezing and ice on pipelines

Consider the change in weather that effects just about everything else – are your pipelines ready to stand up to the cold snap? While we may not ever be guaranteed snow in large quantities, the risk of freezing and ice can cause considerable damage to pipelines of all shapes, sizes and complexities – meaning that the speed of delivery for your product could face considerable slowdown or, at the absolute worst, complete delay. This is a nightmare both for businesses and for consumers – and if your firm is in charge of supplying much-needed product to public and private customers on a regular basis, it is important that your pipelines are always prepared for the potential worst that could happen – it just makes sense.

Prepare your pipes for the colder months


Freezing pipelines and liquid therein could result in long term damage for your networks – water that freezes and gets into cracks will create further cracking down the pipeline and could result in the disintegration of your network on a larger scale. It therefore makes sense to look into prevention early as opposed to a cure when it’s far too late. Consider that your pipelines need to be up and running as much as possible all year round and you’ll perhaps already be thinking about making preparations to protect your public. Pigtek are well-versed in providing bespoke services and cleaning pigs to pipelines of all complexities the world over – meaning that there is a much better opportunity to prevent any problems in your pipe network before they get too big, allowing you to attend to issues well ahead of time. Our pigs can be fitted with a range of tools and equipment to offer you complete control over your pipe setup – never let the cold snap dictate what happens to your business over the colder months.

Contact Pigtek today for more information

If you’re interesting in weather-proofing your pipeline or making amendments to your setup to ensure that you avoid all risk of cold-related damage – or if you simply feel an inspection and clean is necessary – Pigtek can always be on hand to help. Always call us on +44 (0) 1246 850220 or email us at: for more information – and let us protect your pipes against the elements for months to come.

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