Anyone who runs any kind of pipeline or piping network will likely know that keeping track of the entirety of the line can be complex. Pigging, therefore, has helped to make maintaining, inspecting and cleaning such pipelines that little bit easier. After all, it’s not simple to know what may be blocking or slowing down pipes when you don’t have a clear insight into the inner workings. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with your pipes, a cleaning pig for pipeline usage may be in order.

But what exactly does a cleaning pig do, apart from the obvious? What can you expect from this type of pig when you first deploy it – and how can it benefit you in the long run? Let’s take a quick look at different cleaning pigs Pigtek are proud to support.

What are Brush Pigs?

Typical Brush Cleaning Pig design for pipeline diameters 6in to 12in

Brush cleaning pigs tend to be the first option we prescribe when it comes to getting nuisance sludge and debris off the inner walls of your pipes. Effectively, with brushes fitted to a bi-directional pig, you can be sure that this type of pig will sweep dirt and sludge clear from the inner piping, meaning that you can get rid of anything up to seriously tough deposits up and away. That, effectively, is going to mean you can run gas, water and oil through the chain as you normally might expect.

Brushes come in various styles and shapes depending on what you need from your interior clean. For example, you may wish to use a circular brush for smaller diameters, and block brushes for wider diameters. In most cases, you may also consider using pencil brushes, too. These can help to drill down deeper into dirt and can be fitted to a pig in various ways.

Ultimately, if the blockage is natural, i.e. dirt, mud or sludge, this type of cleaning pig is your go-to choice.

What are Magnetic Pigs?

State of the Art Magnetic Packages

Magnetic cleaning pigs for pipelines help to remove debris considered ferrous. This means you can deploy a magnetic pig to effectively pick up metal deposits and remaining scraps from installations, corrosion or otherwise.

These pigs, as their names suggest, arrive with high-powered magnets fitted into their designs, meaning that you can expect them to pick up, collect and carry tough, nuisance metal blockages out of the other end of the pipe.

Magnetic pigs are extremely versatile in that they can and will fit a huge range of pipelines and networks. In fact, you’ll be able to deploy a magnetic pig down pipelines of at least six inches in diameter, all the way up to 56 inches in diameter.

We’d recommend magnetic pigs, which you can monitor and program, should you still experience blockages after extensive inspections.

How Can Cleaning Pigs for Pipelines Help Me?

It’s not always easy to see what’s going on down the pipeline, and for that reason, we design and deploy pigs that can effectively travel down and clear up any problems that may be clogging the lines on route.

Unfortunately, pipelines of all shapes and sizes are likely to need extensive cleaning at some point. Over time, pipelines will corrode and clog up. That’s why it’s always important to make sure you have a cleaning schedule in place with experts such as Pigtek, who can design and deploy unique pig solutions to inspect, clean and maintain your lines.

Even for the longest or most complex cleaning needs, Pigtek will be on hand to help you. Why not call our team directly for a quote, or reach out to us via web form, and we’ll get back in touch with you?