Pigtek Advanced By-Pass Pigs. Diameters 4" through to 36"No two pipelines are the same, and this is very much true the world over – while some are smaller in diameter but are reasonably complex, some pipelines are larger in diameter and are fairly simple – meaning that one pig for a number of different cleaning and investigative roles is never going to suffice.  Here at Pigtek, we design and build bespoke specialist pigs for our clients, enabling them to clean and maintain their assets with highly engineered equipment.

Specialist pig design is recommended for all operators who are dependent upon pipelines the world over – after all, a basic cleaning or proving pig can only do so much.  You may be handling a pipeline that is out of the ordinary in terms of its layout, its length or even in the product that travels through it – meaning that you may need a heavy-duty bespoke pig in order to get the most out of such an operation. Our highly engineered approach means that we are able to fit a wide array of specialist discs, designed and created to order, to tackle specific debris from even the trickiest of pipelines to navigate.

Specific to you

Pigging is a process that requires research and close knowledge of the pipeline at stake – it is simply not enough to supply one range of pigs for a job at hand.  As pipelines are constantly innovating and evolving before our very eyes, we have needed to ensure that we are ahead of the game in all matters related to pig design. This enables us to tackle even the most unusual pipeline cleaning requests, and therefore allows us to design and create unique pigs to clean or prove any pipeline that comes our way.

Effective, specialist pigging designs

Pipeline CleaningPipelines differ the world over and it is our belief that international firms will benefit hugely from specialist pigging.  Providing that we are able to research and analyse your pipeline in close detail, we will be able to design and propose a specialist pig design that will work specifically for your pipeline. After all, a one-time pigging is never a catch-all solution – and finding an effective specialist pig twice in one lifetime is never going to be possible unless you partner with a firm that can offer you dedicated support and bespoke design.

If you are operating a pipeline that is in need of investigation, intervention, cleaning or otherwise, and you are struggling to find the right pig for the job, let us design and build a specialist model for you that can be customised and used regularly – keeping your pipe network clean and effective for your customers to enjoy for years to come.  For more information on our specialist pig design service, call us today on +44 (0) 1246 850220.

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