Desalination-technologyIn a world which relies upon clean, fresh water to survive, it’s no surprise that desalination as a process continues to grow in popularity.  Desalinising refers to the process of removing salt from salt water, therefore making it safe for animals, people and plant life to take advantage.  Bearing in mind that much of the world’s water is naturally salted, technology to desalinise water for use in a number of industries and areas has seen a steady increase – and there are a number of reasons as to why pipelines that carry water product for consumption or natural resource should be implementing this technology to remove salt altogether.

  1. Desalination works and is backed up by science

Desalination technology benefits from scientific proof, in that it has time and time again allowed undrinkable or unusable water to be passed through for consumption or future storage.  As a technology, there are no doubts that processes which are in place have resulted in the filtration of clean, fresh water, and that they will continue to do so – meaning that opting out of such technology should never be due to whether it is effective or not.

  1. The process tackles water shortages

Even in a day and age where we have the technology and power to manipulate much of our world’s resources, fresh water is still a very limited commodity – and yet water as a whole makes up around 70% of the Earth’s composition.  Fresh, drinkable water is extremely hard to come by in developing nations – which is why this technology is all the more beneficial to areas and communities that struggle without clean, regular water, as it makes use of the vast expanse of natural resource that would normally be unusable.

  1. Desalination allows pipelines to tap from a bountiful source, and preserves fresh water

This technology effectively allows us to convert previously undrinkable and unsanitary water into that which can be provided as fresh to communities the world over.  Despite water being relatively limited, this does not discount that there are oceans full of saltwater which can be filtered out to become sanitary and suitable for use.  Water replenishes itself via weather, and by taking advantage of the saltwater available to us in abundance, we can also preserve fresh water supplies that so many countries and communities are in short supply of.

  1. We won’t drink the oceans dry

Despite fresh water being hard to come by, the oceans of saltwater available are colossal – meaning that, as nature recycles itself, and as there have been concerns regarding too much ocean water rising in recent years, which will allow us to take advantage of some of the excess, meaning that we will never run the risk of using up our oceans entirely.

  1. Provides high-quality water every time

As mentioned earlier, science backs up this technology as one that works – and not only this, but it has been proven to filter out even the saltiest of sea water to produce high quality fresh, drinkable and usable water that will benefit hundreds of communities around the world, in both developing and developed nations.

Pipelines which provide water to communities the world over will benefit from desalination not only in terms of its use of previously unusable sea water, but also in its preservation of fresh water sources, which are becoming a rarer commodity.  For more information on how desalinising technology can help provide high quality water through your existing pipeline technology, call Pigtek directly on 01246 850220 or use the contact form here.